Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Essay Questions for EST Candidates

As part of Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh's election schedule, candidates must report to the District Council to write a 500 -word essay on topics related to District Council governance.

The RO asked the following questions to Gregory Kelty (Local 157) and Joseph Geiger (Local 1556).

What is your plan to insure that the DC is: (1) corruption free, (2) complying with Court Orders and its Bylaws, (3) using all appropriate methods to grow man hours, (4) spending all monies in a prudent manner and (5) using modern technology and efficient work flows in accomplishing its daily business?



  2. On Geiger:

    Oh great, another illiterate boob. Next!

  3. On Greg Kelty:

    Experienced, intelligent and a man with a plan and the common sense to become an excellent EST.

  4. Drop dead Assnonymous! Dynamite works.

  5. First step to corruption free union: Get rid of you! Then everyone will undergo the polygraph exam to be hired. Like some other employment opportunities require!

  6. Commonsense say's he's going to be a good EST, I don't know about that. He's collecting in New York City pension and working full-time as a carpenter in New Jersey. That sounds like a greedy pig to me and double dipping. Not my kind of guy.

    1. Hey Donny boy;

      If it were illegal in this union, or as you claim it "immoral" why doesn't your dumb ass charge him.

      Won't stand behind your smear campaign and do something about it huh.

      Greg Kelty is the right choice at the right time.


      Your a council paid hack supporter and that is all.

  7. Just stating the facts.

    1. Donny Mike Cavanaugh stole the Hod Hoist money along with Bilello and Phil Guidice. Again silence from a shitbox like you. Why dont you go charge Cavanaugh you blowjob. I notice that you havent said a word about that. Your a real mutt. Why dont you go crawl back in the hole you came out of.

  8. Is this the same Kelty that" SUED" LOCAL 257 BACK IN THE 90S? HE STOLE FROM THE MEMBERS THEN and i'm sure he can do it again ?

    1. Why did the Kelty's and Schuler sue Local 257? What did they "steal" from the members?

  9. You diss Kelty for suing racketeers?

    We all kmow there was no other avenue at the time to get anything done @ NYCDCC

  10. nero fiddled as rome burned

  11. Great job Greg, I can't wait to see the faces of these morons when you address the delegates at your first meeting in charge.
    Tommy McGonnigle

  12. Funny how all these guys say McCarron is a corrupt, crooked, good for nothing, death of our union,double set of rules kinda guy. But when get called on their shit, say...mcCarron said i"it was ok". Now their ok with living with his laws even when it's wrong. They only want to fight his decision when it hurts them. When it's convenient their ok with his decision. They want to have it both ways. If you live by the "sword" you should die by "sword". Can anybody be that stupid to see right threw them like a sheet of glass???my opinion -Nothing wrong with retiring and collecting a pension as a carpenter. That's all our goals. But to still work as a union carpenter while retired and collecting a pension as a carpenter is no good and greedy. Let the next carpenter make a living and have an opportunity to retire. Retire and if you choose to work find another job in a different field. It's a scumbag move ,greedy and shameless. Not looking out for the next brother. Not easy to figure out.

    1. Donny I noticed you didnt talk about Cavanaugh or Phil Guidice. Arent you a civil service carpenter? When was the last time you worked im the feild? I know you were for full mobility. Why would you care anyway when you have your comfy little gig where full mobility wont affect you. Why dont you make a porno called Donny blows the District Council.Whats not easy to figure out is that you bad mouth Kelty and say nothing about Geiger whos doing the same and worse by letting contractors take dockbuilders work.

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  14. vote greg kelty,a true gentlemen and a true unionist.we need good leaders who will step up to the plate by helping us and leading us.we,asmembers deserve better.full transparancy,accountability,all our benefits back,get rid of the hacks that are not doing anything for our union,organising tactics need to change,good leaders will bring good results,and especially good protection for the shop stewards and the members.


    Greg Kelty is an honorable union brother.

    He has proven this time and time again over the 25 years I have known him.

    He has passion and genuine understanding of what "rank & file" brothers and sisters go through to be a NYCDCC member. From working on the tools and being dispatched off the Out of Work list, he understands exactly how a members feel and how important every penny that's spent belongs to you, the member. Greg puts the significance and meaning back into the word “Brotherhood” that many use so casually.

    It’s time for a real change at 395 Hudson Street and Greg is firmly committed to giving back to the retirees and the rank & file Carpenters of New York City.

    I urge all brothers and sisters of the NYCDCC to support Greg Kelty so we can regain our respect, secure the future and move forward putting the members first.

    I wish everyone a Healthy & Happy New Year.

    Bill Walsh

    Local 157



    1. Coming from a disgraced delegate/audit committee chairman... good job Greg... glad you have the right support... Bill Wash scamming the membership for all that's worth...

    2. Everybody agrees the McWilliams Organizing Department is a complete failure. Why is Ed McWilliams still the Director of Organizing at $190,000 per year?

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