Friday, December 13, 2013

It's Gregory Kelty versus Joseph Geiger for EST

Gregory Kelty (Local 157) and Joseph Geiger (Local 1556) have been interviewed, reviewed by Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh and have accepted nominations for a special election for the balance of the term of the office of District Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer (“EST”) which expires on January 11, 2015.

The RO will conduct the remainder of a special election for EST, as follows:

12.18.13 Kelty and Geiger may submit three standard sized pages (8.5 inch by 11 inch) of campaign literature for posting on the District Council web site; candidates must report to the District Council to write a 500 -word essay on topics related to District Council governance.

1.6.14 The AAA mails ballots to eligible members.

1.8.14 A debate for Kelty versus Geiger open to all members and held as a special part of the business of the delegate meeting that day. The debate will be video recorded by District Council personnel and a video of the event will be posted on the District Council web site during the course of the next day.

1.23.14 The AAA must receive ballots by 5 p.m. in order to be counted on 1.24.14.

1.24.14 Ballots are tallied by the AAA and the results, subject to later certification, announced and posted on the District Council web site. The RO will prepare the ballot. The order of candidates on the ballot will be determined by a drawing conducted at the nominations meeting.

1.27.14 Kelty and Geiger submit the second of two campaign financial disclosure forms to the RO. The winning candidate, after certification of the results by the RO, will be installed at the next meeting of the delegate body and will preside upon his or her installation. Any and all protests must be filed directly with the RO at 395 Hudson Street in a timely manner, i.e., within five work days of the time when the complainant becomes aware or reasonably should have become aware of the action under protest. See Section Six, page 11, of the election rule



  2. Joe Geiger SCREWED his members everytime. Greg Kelty has fought for members rights at every delegate meeting. Joe Geiger cant control himself which means someone will tell him what to do. We cant afford another paid council hack like a Steve McInnis that works for political action but denies democracy for the members. Vote Greg Kelty for EST.

    1. Please, any carpenter that relies on the trade to feed and house their families get the word out to every dues paying member of our union to make sure they vote first and foremost. Then direct them to check this website, as well as the council website for the information regarding these candidates and what they stand for.
      For me there is no better man for the job, That man is Greg Kelty. Greg Kelty is for the rank and file carpenter and their families. Get out the vote
      Tommy McGonnigle Local 157

  3. keep the union stronge,vote greg kelty,a smart member who cares about the union.amen for a caring member which i also agree will doright by the membership.we need smart,good decision recon leaders who will lead by example to get us out of the rute we are all in.transparency,responsibility,good contract negoiaters,a stronger organiser department,new ideas and new approaches with good intelligent decisions from good caring members who really care about the union,it is long overdue.


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