Sunday, December 1, 2013


11.8.13 The election notice is mailed to members by the District Council; it includes information on the schedule and related events as well as information required by law.

11.11.13 Petitions are made available to all interested persons; 150 verified signatures must be obtained.

11.22.13 Completed petitions must be filed with the RO at 395 Hudson Street by 6 p.m. Observers must also be named by each candidate.

11.27.13 The RO completes petition review and begins candidate interviews as part of the approval process required by the Stipulation and Order.

12.11.13 The candidate interview and review process is completed; a portion of the regular delegate meeting open to all members will be dedicated to nominations and acceptances of nominations from the RO-approved list of candidates. All nominees will then be eligible to speak at local union meetings occurring thereafter through 1.23.14.

12.13.13 Candidates submit the first of two campaign financial disclosure forms to the RO.

12.18.13 Candidates may submit three standard sized pages (8.5 inch by 11 inch) of campaign literature for posting on the District Council web site; candidates must report to the District Council to write a 500 -word essay on topics related to District Council governance.

1.6.14 The AAA mails ballots to eligible members.

1.8.14 A debate for candidates open to all members is held as a special part of the business of the delegate meeting that day. The debate will be video recorded by District Council personnel and a video of the event will be posted on the District Council web site during the course of the next day.

1.23.14 The AAA must receive ballots by 5 p.m. in order to be counted on 1.24.14.

1.24.14 Ballots are tallied by the AAA and the results, subject to later certification, announced and posted on the District Council web site. The RO will prepare the ballot. The order of candidates on the ballot will be determined by a drawing conducted at the nominations meeting.

1.27.14 Candidates submit the second of two campaign financial disclosure forms to the RO. The winning candidate, after certification of the results by the RO, will be installed at the next meeting of the delegate body and will preside upon his or her installation. Any and all protests must be filed directly with the RO at 395 Hudson Street in a timely manner, i.e., within five work days of the time when the complainant becomes aware or reasonably should have become aware of the action under protest. See Section Six, page 11, of the election rule


  1. That is, if Ms. Jones fails in attempt to put off the vote.

  2. Screw the AAA. Where's the CDB approval for the member contract 3/12.

    Giving $$ to them w/out cbd approval, isn't that against the rules.

  3. why did the election schedule not give a months time between the time the election notice was mailed to members by the District Council and the time the completed petitions must be filed with the RO? Time for membership meetings should have been given for Locals to discuss a candidate nomination..


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