Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Message from our Executive Secretary-Treasurer Pro Tem

Steve McInnis
Brothers and Sisters, When I became Executive Secretary Treasurer Pro Tem I stated my first priority was to get all members working under current collective bargaining agreements for the first time in over two years with increased pay and benefit contributions. Working with our Executive Committee and Delegate Body we have made great strides to that end in the past few months. The Delegates have ratified new contracts covering thousands of our members within our largest employer associations. There still are contracts to be done and we are committed to getting them done.

More than a dozen contracts have been negotiated and ratified in 2013 and more are expected before the New Year. Some members are already seeing wage increases, while others will be implemented soon. With the certainty of working under current collective bargaining agreements with wage and benefit contribution increases, workers can once again focus on the job at hand. This is also good for the members and their families because we have made responsible additional allocations to the Welfare Funds and have seen real improvement. With guidance from our actuaries and in cooperation with Management Trustees there is potential for some restoration of benefits lost over the last few years. We know these changes have been a burden on many of our members and look forward to the day when we can make even small positive changes.

The electronic reporting system was rolled out as part of some of the new CBAs. Over 90% of Stewards are reporting their time electronically daily. Like any new system there are issues that we are working to re- solve. I’d like to thank the hundreds of Stewards who have embraced this new process. Members are encouraged to check their hours on the District Council website. Our ultimate goal is to reconcile reported hours with the Benefit Funds weekly confirming payment so that discrepancies and shortages can be ad- dressed in a timely manner and every hour worked is accounted for and benefits paid.

In the midst of signing all these new contracts, we were forced to go on strike twice. In July, we went on strike against the Manufacturing Woodworkers Association of Greater New York (MWA) for about three weeks. This has been the most frustrating negotiation I have ever seen or been a part of. One way or another this travesty will end and it will end soon. Members have since returned to work, but while they were out we put in place a strike compensation fund for the first time ever. The Delegate Body-approved fund sought to provide members with some type of financial assistance while out on the lines. It wasn’t much, but it was hopefully some- thing that provided a little comfort for the members and their families.

In October, we were again forced to go on strike against the New York Cement League. After more than three years of negotiating, the league failed to put forth any real solutions toward reaching a new contract. Thankfully, that strike only lasted 2 days before we were able to come to terms.

One thing we must remember is that striking is always a last resort and extremely risky. However, our hard working men and women deserve wages and benefits that help support their families.For more than 100 years we’ve fought for these standards. We won them but at the cost of the blood, sweat, and tears of carpenters past. Our tenacity still rings true today so if it takes a work stoppage, then that’s what we will do to honor them and fight for our rights toward a better life. I’d also like to add that the comraderie the brothers and sisters of this union showed during these tough times was absolutely amazing. We may have differences of opinion sometimes, but when that battle cry sounds, we’re a united front.

With that said, I implore you all to stay informed and get involved. We have instituted a number of new ways for members to become engaged such as monthly town halls and forums; local and delegate meetings; and new electronic and web-based communications tools.

Unfortunately, turnout numbers have been low across the board. There was a demand for a sounding board and more transparency within the council, yet only a handful have provided comments or attend the forum and meetings. The anti-labor movement is depending on our apathy and fear so they can come right in and take away our hard fought rights. We’re holding them at bay, but we are only as strong as our members’ involvement. This is your union Brothers and Sisters and we need your help and input. Please, get involved. Attend your local and delegate meetings as well as the new EST monthly forums. The dates, times and locations of these meetings are always posted on the DC website.

Thank you and it has been an honor serving you this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

The Carpenter | FALL/WINTER 2013



  2. I dunno, increased wages and benefits? the last contract ratified by the delegates was a 30 per cent paycut, in Manhattan. That is a first, and not a good first. Now I understand he is trying to shove some incomplete contracts through tomorrow, hoping the rank and file delegates who actually work under these contracts will be unable to attend this close to Christmas. Merry Christmas, enjoy the 5 percent raise and try to ignore the 30 percent cut.

    1. maybe he means the double raises the council service reps got this year? are the only ones I know of who actually got more money, we had to go on strike to get the same pay as three years ago. $225,000 a year to get me nothing?

  3. Steve McInnis thank you for stepping out from the shadows and showing all of us why Micheal J. Forde hired you.I wonder how a man who holds the position of Political Director denies Democracy for the membership he pretends to serve. Wall and Ceiling contract previewed before delegate vote only all others rammed thru without the members review before ratification.Steve you depend on the mechanics of democracy for a paycheck all these years but deny the oppurtunity to execute our own contracts democracticly by one man one vote. You didnt have money for the members to ratify contracts but you had emergency money to fight Walsh for it upgrades that were court ordered. The ex judge has consulted you and the executive comittee with the same conclusion.So in conclusion No Thank You and Good Riddance I hope the RO vetos your Mike Forde Lowlife Ass. Bye Bye LCA

  4. look at that stupid head

  5. I have faith in all members to get their benefits back. I have faith that our organizing department will get victories to regain our market share. I hope our leaders will do their best for our union and our members. We need to install pride in our members, bashing one another does not solve our issues; it divides the union and makes it weaker. We need to stand together- help your fellow union brothers and sisters. It surely will help us to be a stronger union. Go to est forums, go to all your union meetings, and go to union rallies. By getting involved together, we will be able to solve our problems and create a solution. We also need to start winning back our market share- the grounds we lost for our whole organization deserves better and by working together, we will succeed,in solidarity.



    Merry Christmas and have a happy, healthy New Year to all our members, brothers and sisters .Remember, union power and union pride with good work ethics will help us to become a stronger union in the year 2014. God bless the union, and to all the members who make us a great organization.

    1. All well and good. Steve forgets to mention that they dont listen to anyone but Contractors and Doug which are one and the same.All the while merry christmas to you and yours Brother Labor

    2. anyone who agrees to a 30 per cent paycut for me and a 12 percent raise for council reps is not representing me, they are selling me out to give their cronies even more.

    3. Are you aware, per the bylaws, that the reps only get a raise when the contracts are signed? And the raise they are given is based on the foreman's salary? Sorry you work on a PLA, but hey, at least you work... some cant same the same thing. So many uneducated f***s out there... No wonder we are where we are.

  6. Go put your tools on somewhere else other than the javits center Steve. You never really worked in this trade, you were groomed for political ass sucking, but you really never got to experience the hardships that many of our brothers and sisters live thru on a day to day basis. In my opinion you are not a real carpenter, you were one of Mr. Forde's lap dogs.

  7. cancer asap to everyone at the nycdcc

  8. Fuck him + his sellout ways. Spit on him + the reps.

  9. A message from the former & now disgraced and undemocratically 'dispensated' EST & R.O. convicted scheister, Steve (no time on the tools, couldn't build a sawhorse, outhouse or tool shed) McGinnis.

    Question: Given he serves mammon vs. God & McCarron vs. the men and was convicted/vetoed from running for EST while simultaneously serving as the President of the D.C., why is lard ass allowed to keep & hold the Presidents position after having been convicted of taking a bribe from a vendor in direct contravention to Court approved Council By-laws, the LMRDA prohibition against thieves serving for 13-years and in spite of the D.C. H.R. policies & procedures and the R.O.'s enhanced Rules for the EST position which both lard ass McGinnis & Douglas J. McCarron agreed the EST would abide by & follow?

    If McGinnis is unfit to serve as NYC Distirct Council EST, it follows that he is also unfit to serve as the President of the NYC Carpenters District Council and that he should be summarily discharged from all D.C. employment - as per the laws established under the authority of the Consent Decree which were approved by the USAO, the District Court & Judge Berman.

    Why have all of them and the D.C.'s Inspector General (I.G.) and Chief Compliance Officer (C.C.O.) and the ex-statie Matt Walker all failed to enforce the laws, rules, regulations, the LMRDA & the Consent Decree?

    None of the aforementioned laws, reg's etc. allow any party above to pick & choose which parts they like or don't like & which parts they obey & refuse to enforce. No different than what Forde, Greaney & Oliveri were doing and the ones now doing it are the so called reformers & saviors of the Union?

    NOTE: The above Questions should be included in the debate. Candidates should be able to ask and have answered all of the above questions.

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