Saturday, October 5, 2013

Update From Mike McCarron

Mike McCarron
The internal UBC 14(D) charges filed against Mike McCarron and the Emergency Supervision of the Southwest Regional Council are the direct result of a personal vendetta by General President Doug McCarron against his brother Mike.

Mike and Doug's relationship has been strained since December of 2011 and came to a breaking point after their mother passed away on May 21, 2013.  The 14(D) charges were filed against Mike by Doug because he did not have control over his brother Mike and their mother's estate.  Doug wants to take Mike's union membership away through the 14(D) charges to ensure his re-election as general president in 2015.   When it became apparent to Doug that Mike intended to fight the charges and discuss their personal history at the July 25, 2013 Delegates Meeting, Doug had the SWRCC placed under Emergency Supervision.  The reason was to silence Mike and prevent the true story from coming out.

On October 1, 2013, Mike McCarron posted this message on his website.

Important Update To All My Supporters— I was just informed that I was found guilty on all charges by the UBC Kangaroo Court.

At trial, I introduced 630 pages of documents and had nine witnesses testify on my behalf. In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary of the charges, Frank Spencer, Jim Smith and Dave Tharpe did what they were told by my loving brother, dictator Doug. Shame on all of you! Shame also on Mike Draper, Justin (the minister) Weidner, and Doug’s director of real estate, Randy Sowell.

I would also like to thank the behind the scenes henchmen for the three documented instances of witness tampering and intimidation, as well as the introduction of falsified documents.


Democracy in this Brotherhood is Dead!—Don't miss this exchange between Mike and Doug on the floor of Local 1506 on 9.20.2013 fast forward video to 41 minutes into the meeting.

 To learn more visit Stand With Mike McCarron.



  2. Mike and Doug battle it out. Skip to minute 39:05 and after.

  3. The best fucking Union Meeting since 1995 when Doug ousted Sig Lucassen.

    This is like the Matrix Doug - you should-a taken the Blue Pill, but you took the Red One

    Your comeuppance is long overdue asshole!

    You gotta fucking love it - Mike's remarks, Nazi's, the Gestapo & the Mafia all rolled into one.

    Better still, hey Doug, guess you better start spending some of the $625M plus you got saved up of the brow's & sweat of real Carpenters so you can buy off more assholes like yourself at the DOJ, DOL, ERISA & your buddy Obama. Spend wisely dickhead, your going to need to spread the dough around pretty lavishly here.

    I say, 3 - 3 Minute Rounds, 12 oz. Gloves, No Standing 8-Count & no being saved by the Bell. My money is on Mike. How about holding it at Caesars Palace, live on Pay Per View. Judging by the 9-year age gap & the fact that you got the height & weight advantage, your all square going in. But hey, Mike's in far better shape, so you will get your ass walloped Tyson style.

    What say you Doug? Looks likes it's time to resign, take the International Pension & run for the Hills. You can't buy everyone off.

    Funny, Mike's voice was not cracking with feminine emotion, yours was though Doug. Thought you were gonna start weeping like a little girly man. There's no crying in the Union asshole - right?

  4. Time for Doug to go!

  5. They remind me of the smothers brothers

  6. Charles Lezzette, as if he were a real Carpenter, hit the nail on the head with his quote “mike mccarran ain’t got what it takes.”

    From 1998 to 2008 unlike anywhere else in the country Southern California & Las Vegas experienced unprecedented & historic economic growth in the construction industry. When General President Doug McCarron installed little mike as Secretary Treasurer in 1999 the General President handed off to him the perfectly structured Regional Council that the members & Doug himself had built. Between the years 1999 & 2008 a monkey could have successfully run DOUG’S Council and during those years little mike did, with an ample supply of bananas like at his 14D trail.

    In 2009 the construction economy fell off a cliff & little mike followed shortly thereafter. From 2009 to July 2013 supporters & detractors alike watched what was at first a gradual but over time accelerating deterioration of little mike’s faculties which lead to his catastrophic mental breakdown. The real leaders of the Council, those who out of loyalty to Doug, protected little mike from himself were pushed out & isolated, his business agents and members were not allowed access or meaningful communication with him. Until the end when it was just Larry O’Brien & Mike Olds, the two blind & ultimate “yes men”.

    mike mccarran is nothing without his big brother & the moment he tried to step out from Doug’s shadow i.e. making unilateral decisions on Southwest Council & Trust Fund business, he screwed up so bad that he’s going to be thrown into Federal Prison & thrown out of the Brotherhood. The only thing I hold Doug accountable for on this whole matter is giving an intellectual / political lightweight & crybaby like mike mccarran the Council in the first place.

    And to you mike mccarran; I watched the video at your Local 1506 Union meeting & I have news for you: your pants have been down around your ankles for years & we’ve all bit our tongues trying not to laugh at you out of respect for your big brother UBC General President Doug McCarron. For you to turn to the Local 1506 members who were calling for your resignation & refer to yourself third person stating, “you (the members) have no bearing, mike mccarran won’t resign, how’s that.” Pathetic, Despicable & Disgraceful are the only words befitting your contempt for the members of Local 1506 & the entire membership of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

    1. The last post was made by little red rooster dan mcdonnald, dougs defacto son. I can tell by the verbage. A coward, and a bully with a massive little man complex. He did 3yrs in the field, 2 and a half of that in rehab!

  7. Wee Willy if you respect Doug McCarron your a fucking robot idiot.

  8. Mike - While appearing at a Local 1506 Union Meeting to defend yourself may come across as admirable, at least in regards to your exposing what an asshole Doug McCarron truly is and his disdain for the working rank & file carpenter via his display on this video, from here on out you need to refrain from these sort of meetings & let your lawyers (not your daughter) do the speaking via their filings & legal briefs.

    You can keep the rest of us filled in by making said filings available online once filed with the court. The UBCJA is not a court of law. It's Constitution does not reign supreme above the laws of the land whether in Nevada, California or elsewhere.

    Big brother Doug needs far more proof than a he said, she said UBC Kangaroo lynching.You most assuredly have a great case for wrongful termination. Notwithtanding that element, unfortunately for you to prevail overall, you are going to have to come completely clean via actual documentation of the wrongs committed by Doug & the UBCJA International over his 18-tenure of hell against the working Union Carpenter who pay all of your wages, benefits, double & triple pensions as well as all of the nice perks.

    Hope you are up to the task.

    The only delusions of granduer I see here are 18-years of maniacal and unilateral dictatorial rule whereby big brother Doug has shredded & eviscerated the NLRA and the members rights to self determination and control by eliminating the one man, one vote rule of law guaranteed by the NLRA preamble & Section 7 via subverting the role of Congress to amend, alter, add to or delete specific provisions of the NLRA, LMRA, LMRDA via his incessant filing of lawsuits nationally, by bribing & paying off the NLRB & District Court judges and Appellate level judges when necessary and by inserting illegal provisions into the UBCJA Constitution which purport to give him rights to negate the role of Congress which big brother Doug never possessed in the first instance.

  9. Wee willy? That's what we all call D-Mac.....

    1. That`s what his wife calls him. Ever see his puny hands?

  10. Big News! Follow the link below to read the TRO Application and more importantly the Supporting Declarations by Mike McCarron, Michael Olds, Lindsey Maldoon and Kathy McCarron, which explain the situation in its entirety.
    Thank you all for your support. Please help spread the word!

  11. wee willy aka Doug McCarron and Dan MacDonald. the only person who has their pants around their ankles is you Doug McCarron with Dan Macdonalds on his knees

  12. Mike McCarron Seeks Temporary Restraining Order Against UBC To Dissolve The Trusteeship Of The SWRCC
    Please read the TRO Application and more importantly the Supporting Declarations by Mike McCarron, Michael Olds, Lindsey Maldoon and Kathy McCarron, which explain the situation in its...


  13. So the big supervision hearing begins on Wednesday, October 16th. If Mike’s “trial” at the ITC was a kangaroo court, I don’t even begin to know what to call this joke of a hearing. Word from the disillusioned membership is that “ Doug McCarron’s” UBC is paying members’ wages, air or bus fare (depending on rank), and hotel accommodations (depending on how damaging the testimony) to the ITC and given scripts in order to bear false witness against their brother in the brotherhood. These members are being instructed to heckle Mike McCarron whenever he attempts to tell the truth. Don’t you see a pattern here? Every EST who has been 14D'd, to date, has been accused of the same wrong doings. They have all been accused of being bullies and/or terrorists. They have all been accused of financial improprieties. They have all been accused of using the trust to enhance their own pockets. These are all crimes that the UBC, themselves, are guilty of. Their real “crime” is that Doug McCarron gets wind that a certain council is not genuflecting. When "The Great Oz” believes he may lose delegates or someone might run against him, then he sets them up for destruction. He needs his minions to carry out his sinister plan. Get some “nuts” guys! If you all say, “No way,” he can’t fire all of you. Talk about a waste of brotherhood money! Wouldn’t this money be better spent organizing for the good of the brotherhood? I believe that every member who bears false witness against Mike McCarron should have their names posted on the 157 BlogSpot for all to see.

    1. I agree lets start a WALL OF SHAME
      1- Justin Weidner
      2- Dan McDonald
      3- Dan Langford
      4- Randy Thornhill

      Can anyone think of more traders and liars? When we get a few more lets post it EVERYWHERE!
      Their families must be so proud to have such Dishonest, Disloyal, Criminals around them. You will have to answer for this deceitful betrayal some day. I am thankful I have always kept my integrity!

    2. Don't leave Hal Jensen, John Hamm, and the rest of those cumguzzlers of the list. John Hamm is still fucking the pooch on disability or he'd be gone.


    Today the hearing for the emergency supervision is being held in Las Vegas. India Griffin and other Mike McCarron supporters were present. India made a statement against the supervision of the SWRCC. After she finished, Mike Draper demanded that she answer some questions from him. Draper was beligerant towards India and was yelling at her. She attempted to answer his questions, but when he would not stop yelling she walked out. Draper continued to yell at her and then demanded that her statement be striken from the record.

    Yet another instance of the UBC silencing members and keeping the truth from being heard.


  15. Went thru, the same thing as Mike McCarron did here in Baltimore several years ago. Was taken up on charges, he had NO witness's, NO proof. I was EXPELLED from the Union. You want to know WHY, I was found GUILTY????? Because of the way I spoke to the Kangaroo Court and my "body language", not , because of evidence presented to the committee which there was none, but, because of the way I spoke and my language. So, the Bullshit "Kangaroo Courts" in the UBC are'nt limited to California. MAYBE, one day the membership willl reach down into their pants and see if their are Balls or
    Lips" and take back the union. I was and still consider myself a "Charter Member" of Millwrights local 1548, in Baltimore,Md as I am one of the original members who signed for the Millwright charter in Baltimore. Guess this is one way of REMOVING, any dissident voice against corruption in the union !!!!!

    1. Oops, almost forgot, it was the Business Agent, who took me up on charges, surprise surprise surprise, as good ol' Gomer Pyle would say

  16. abuse of power seems to be a problem that runs through out our union even in Canada . integrity that's a word that doesn't even exist in Canada sarnia Ontario is full of these degenerates

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