Monday, October 7, 2013


Mike McCarron of the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Files Suit Attacking the Improper Trusteeship Imposed on the Council by his brother and General President Doug McCarron. 

On Friday, October 4, 2013, Mike McCarron and two other members of the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (SWRCC) filed suit, in Federal Court in the Central District of California [Case no. SACV13‐1559 JVS ANX; 8‐13CV1559 JVS ANX] against the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) seeking to overturn a trusteeship imposed upon the SWRCC and Carpenters Local 1506. The suit also names as defendants, Mike’s brother Doug McCarron, the UBC’s General President and the mastermind of the scheme, Douglas Banes, the UBC’s General Vice President who imposed the trusteeship to provide Doug McCarron with cover, and Michael Draper, a UBC District Vice President who has been appointed as Trustee of the SWRCC. Today, Mike McCarron and the two other members filed an ex parte application for a Temporary Restraining Order and a Preliminary Injunction dissolving the trusteeship and staying any further trusteeship proceeding.

Mike McCarron is the elected Executive Secretary‐Treasurer (EST) of the SWRCC. His brother Doug McCarron is the General President of the UBC. According to the allegations in the court documents the brothers are embroiled in a bitter personal dispute, in which Doug McCarron has now dragged the UBC into. Doug McCarron is abusing his position as General President to gain leverage over Mike and push him out of the union. On July 22, 2013, Doug caused the UBC to impose an improper emergency trusteeship on the SWRCC, effectively removing Mike from his elected position. And to destroy Mike’s political base, Doug has even placed a de facto trusteeship over their home local, Local 1506.

The court documents further allege the dispute between Doug and Mike erupted in December 2011, over a $66,000.00 raise to Doug’s girlfriend. Relations were further strained when Mike found out that Doug was collecting his Southern California Carpenter pension in spite of UBC summary pension plan rules to the contrary. The situation completely deteriorated after the death of their mother on May 21, 2013. Mike is a trustee to his late mother’s estate and this fact infuriated Doug, because he had no control over the estate and Mike did not want to liquidate it as Doug demanded.

The SWRCC has approximately 65,000 members and $250,000,000.00 in assets. It is one of the largest Regional Councils in terms of membership and is the most profitable Regional Council in the Carpenters Union. The SWRCC has operated and expanded under Mike’s direction since his election to its top post in 1999. Many throughout the Brotherhood considered Mike to be the top contender for General President, and the only person who could overthrow Doug’s reign as General President.

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  1. Everyone please visit for much more information and video and Mike McCarrons facebook page Support Mike McCarron

    Visit this link for an explanation of the entire situation

  2. Doug was your girlfriend Sandra Maloney worth all of this. You could not have found a more perfect match. That evil bitch is a complete psychopath, and sociopath. You self absorbed selfish pieces of shit are perfect for each other. You let a woman destroy you career and family dipshit. Although it is fitting seeing that you have destroyed countless others lives and careers. The next several months are going to be very amusing watching you and everyone surrounding you crumble. Doug Banes, Justin Weindner, Dan MacDonald that slime ball attorney John De Carlo just to name a few. You all are going down and I bet they all turn on you one by one to save their own asses. You will end up all alone, Your dictatorship reign is coming to an end Doug!

  3. Now that Mike has been kicked out, Doug should resign. The brotherhood would be much better off without the McCarron brothers


  5. BIG NEWS!!!
    Mike McCarron's petition for TRO, preliminary & permanent injunction was thrown out of court for having no merit.
    It looks as if his self described "UBC Microcosm Bubble" just blew up in his FACE!!
    You F*cked with the BULL & got the Horns!
    Send me your Prisoner ID number & I'll send you a care-package every couple of months. You know, things like soup on a rope & whatnot.

  6. So the big supervision hearing begins on Wednesday, October 16th. If Mike’s “trial” at the ITC was a kangaroo court, I don’t even begin to know what to call this joke of a hearing. Word from the disillusioned membership is that “ Doug McCarron’s” UBC is paying members’ wages, air or bus fare (depending on rank), and hotel accommodations (depending on how damaging the testimony) to the ITC and given scripts in order to bear false witness against their brother in the brotherhood. These members are being instructed to heckle Mike McCarron whenever he attempts to tell the truth. Don’t you see a pattern here? Every EST who has been 14D'd, to date, has been accused of the same wrong doings. They have all been accused of being bullies and/or terrorists. They have all been accused of financial improprieties. They have all been accused of using the trust to enhance their own pockets. These are all crimes that the UBC, themselves, are guilty of. Their real “crime” is that Doug McCarron gets wind that a certain council is not genuflecting. When "The Great Oz” believes he may lose delegates or someone might run against him, then he sets them up for destruction. He needs his minions to carry out his sinister plan. Get some “nuts” guys! If you all say, “No way,” he can’t fire all of you. Talk about a waste of brotherhood money! Wouldn’t this money be better spent organizing for the good of the brotherhood? I believe that every member who bears false witness against Mike McCarron should have their names posted on the 157 BlogSpot for all to see.


    Today the hearing for the emergency supervision is being held in Las Vegas. India Griffin and other Mike McCarron supporters were present. India made a statement against the supervision of the SWRCC. After she finished, Mike Draper demanded that she answer some questions from him. Draper was beligerant towards India and was yelling at her. She attempted to answer his questions, but when he would not stop yelling she walked out. Draper continued to yell at her and then demanded that her statement be striken from the record.

    Yet another instance of the UBC silencing members and keeping the truth from being heard.



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