Sunday, October 6, 2013

Commentary on the McCarron Video

By Richard Dorrough

When I first saw this video I tried to decide which part was of the most value and importance to the rank and file of the UBC and labor as a whole to view.

Was it Doug McCarron admitting he is collecting his Southwest Pension which it appears according to the Plan Summary he is doing so illegally. Southwest Plan Rule "you cannot work in any employment or activity in the building and construction industry anywhere."

Prohibited work includes,but is not limited to the following "Supervisory and labor relations work in the industry."

Was it the Chairman of the Southwest Pension Douglas McCarron lying with his "retiree working in Alabama story" which was pure BS and a lie according to the Plan Summary. "Southwest Plan Rule""you cannot work in any employment or activity in the building and construction industry anywhere."

Was it Doug McCarron lying as to his compensation from the UBC which is but $390,000 but according to the 2012 990 is $506,000.

We do not know if this includes every payment he receives as trustee on multiple UBC funds, labor management committees, etc. I am sure it does not include what he collects from ULLICO and his other outside director fees such as PB Capital. President and board member of Multiple organizations such as President at Southwest Cpt Holdings, Inc. (John T. DeCarlo serves as the registered agent for this organization).

  • President at 999 Office Building Corporation
  • President at Carpenters Southwest Administrative Corporation
  • President at Commerce Pointe II Menifee, Inc.
  • President at Cpt/Sc Title Holding Corporation
  • President at Psrr Corporation
  • President at Santa Nella Hotel Corporation
  • President at Sbh Hotel Corporation
  • President at Valencia Industrial, Inc.
  • President at Western States Drywall/Lathing Industry Labor-Management Cooperation Committee, Inc.
  • President at Zeiders Road Business Park, Inc.
Was it the possibility that Doug McCarron was collecting his Southwest Pension in 2010 and therefore illegally took office at the 2010 Convention and MUST resign as General President since the UBC Constitution allows a retiree to finish a Term but NOT run for a new one.

"The investigation revealed that the Constitution and Bylaws at Section 31(D) provides that
a member cannot hold office or a position on a committee if drawing from a Carpenter’s pension plan. The Department’s investigation revealed that this is a violation of the Carpenter’s
Constitution and thereby a technical violation of the Act"— DOL 2009

Was it that it allows us to once again declare McCarron is holding office as General President in violation of the UBC Constitution and the LMRDA.

Doug McCarron has been challenged on collecting a pension and drawing a pension on numerous occasions. When he and Frank Spencer were working so hard to keep convicted criminal EST Mike Forde and his cronies in office Forde was collecting a Pension as well. We in Albany took Doug McCarron to the DOL over the issue. Despite Doug McCarron ruling the section in 31(D) refers to a UBC INTERNATIONAL Pension the DOL ruled against him and ruled a retiree collecting ANY Pension was in violation of the UBC Constitution and the LMRDA if they were holding office or on a committee,. This was in 2009 and Mccarron knew this is 2010 when he took office again (see below).

Despite Douglas McCarrons declaration that a UBC member can hold office unless collecting an International Pension the Department of Labor has ruled he is a liar and holding office in violation of the LMRDA and the UBC Constitution the US DOL has rightfully ruled that the receipt of any carpenters' union pension within the jurisdiction of the UBC disqualifies a carpenters' union member to be eligible to be elected or appointed as a carpenters' union officer, delegate, or committee member.

U.S. Department of Labor
Employment Standards Administration
Office of Labor-Management Standards
Washington, DC 20210

April 16, 2009

“You alleged that retired members served on the Election Committee in violation of the Carpenter’s Constitution, Bylaws and Election Guidelines. The investigation revealed that the Constitution and Bylaws at Section 31(D) provides that a member cannot hold office or a position on a committee if drawing from a Carpenter’s pension plan. "The Department found that two members of the Election Committee were retirees drawing from the Local’s pension plan. The Department’s investigation revealed that the presence of the retirees on the Election Committee was a violation of the Carpenter’s Constitution and thereby a technical violation of the Act," see 29 C.F.R. §§ 452.2 and 452.109.

Patricia Fox
Acting Chief, Division of Enforcement

cc: Douglas J McCarron, 
President United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
101 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Was it the accusation that Doug McCarron had a girlfriend and that he got her a job and a $66,000.00 dollar raise.

Was it the video proof of a council illegally interfering with the rights of a Local not in trusteeship with the collusion of a Local nobody.

Was it yet another Local UBC Local nobody such as McDonald trying to sell out his Local to yet another council and said Local nobody violating his fiduciary duty to his Local.

Is it the UBC lying in a Federal Court and continuing to violate the rights of the Locals.

Case No. 07-=15574 US District Court Northern California. Gustave Link-vs- David Rhodes ,et al.

A Union Brother in California had filed a case in which McCarron is named as a defendant. McCarrons lawyers want him removed as a defendant. The basis of the case is that since McCarron and the International control the Councils and the Locals and the Councils control the Locals as any rank and file members knows is a fact then the International can be held liable for polices they have created and policy's created and implemented against rank and file members by councils.

Not so. McCarron and the International lawyers have declared on Page 8 and I quote:

"Link continues to misunderstand union structure and law governing common law agency relationships. Local, intermediate and international unions are legally separate entities and liability for a local unions actions does not attach itself to the International" and the kicker "Unions generally adopt a three-tier structure: the international union, various intermediate bodies and local Unions. Though they are affiliated by a constitution these organizations are SUCH SEPARATE ENTITIES that they can and do sue each other and THEIR AGENTS HAVE NO LEGAL BINDING AUTHORITY OUTSIDE THEIR OWN UNION ENTITY.”

Was it the insult of yet another UBC nobody (McDonald) who clearly adheres to the UBC policy of "punk" Unionism talk about Undemocratic practices and autocratic rule. Has the audacity to accuse others when seated before him was Doug McCarron who routinely persecutes anybody who stands against his absurd corporate Unionism and due to his actions is the General President of the most undemocratic Union in organized labor and is a scourge on organized labor. The same Douglas McCarron who labeled any member who opposes him as "deranged loners" and "commies."

No to all of the above. 

What the world of labor and the rank and file need to view here is the delusions suffered by the leaders of the UBC. Chicken Doug who strutted and chicken chested about like a bandy rooster keep declaring his pals testified under oath and Mike refused to testify under oath..

Under Oath your ass...In your delusions you do not realize that your Kangaroo UBC Trail system is a joke. That Doug McCarron is a joke. That the UBC trail committee is a joke and except in the land of UBC OZ doesn't mean a damn thing. YOUR NOT A REAL COURT. Your rulings mean nothing. Your oaths mean nothing an are not binding or significant in any world but the UBC land of oz.

How could Napoleon syndrome Mike Draper, $10,000 First Class airfare Frank Spencer (with convicted criminal Mike Forde) and "where is your visa and green card" Canadian James Smith truly believe in any reality that they had the right to put anybody under oath or that their so called Oath was anything more than a nut scratching device. Did Mike McCarron laugh in their face as he should have when they asked him to swear under oath.

Lets get into the real world Chicken Doug and then I challenge your so called witnesses who you bragged about swearing and giving testimony under oath in a real court and not your BS, Absurd joke of a UBC Kangaroo Court. Lets see if they swear under oath then. Mike McCarron had the guts to go to the Department of Labor to give information where he is liable for any false statements in the REAL world. How many of the Doug McCarron's swear under oath pals have done so or given information in any REAL world setting...Id bet NONE.

I would like to see the how many of the same witnesses swear when facing perjury charges in the real world and then Chicken Doug can tell us all how they “Swore Under Oath.”

This is what the world of labor and the rank and file need to view and understand. They need to see that that this group of nut jobs truly believe that because they have donned a UBC name tag that they can declare themselves a real court that can demand testimony and oath.

These nut jobs think that their rulings are NOT insignificant BS which mean nothing any place but in the world of UBC oz.

What Labor needs to see is that these magpies have lost their frigging marbles. These nut jobs believe that a UBC name tag has transformed them from insignificant nobody’s to Emperors of Rome that the masses should adorned with rose petals as they pass.

The truth is outside of UBC OZ you can find Draper, Spencer or chicken Doug asking their high priced California Lawyers, who suck millions out of the UBC the same question over and over. "How did we lose yet another case." Despite their delusions of grandeur they are after all…. nothing.



    1. tell us who you are anonymous, your the ass hole

  2. Well Dorrough, well said commentary for a change. This is how you should behave all the time to all the UBC dissidents you slander and ostrisize. Keep the high road Dorrough and we will do the same.

    1. Don't be fooled this idiot is still just a BLOWHARD!

    2. You are the one BLOWING Doug HARD wee willy(dan macdonald)

  3. Very nice Dorrough. You still believe in Unionism.Democracy is still brand America.Richard welcome to the machine ,this is delusional Doug .Theyre all neverbeens shitty journeyman who would blow the first boss who came theyre way.They are the antithesis of unionism. Dougs boys are the totenkopf of the UBC. Nice commentary Dorrugh thanks for caring.

  4. Let's see if the U.S. Department of Labor finally investigates all of Doug McCarrons illegal activity. He has repeatedly violated the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act with late filings involving Trusteeships along with fraudulent LM 2's, LM 30's, 990's, and innumerable ERISA violations. . The DOL continues to look the other way. The National Labor Relations Board has evidence that the United Brotherhood of Carpenters is DOMINATED by Contractor Associations BUT the NLRB has refused to act. The time is ripe to file a Cause of Action not only against Doug McCarron, but the U.S. Department of Labor as well.

    Brother Dorrough mentions that the DOL has investigated past elections in his area and found substantive violations of the LMRDA, BUT that the U.S. Department of Labor REFUSED to act. Meanwhile well intentioned, honest, Rank and File members are blackballed for wanting true democratic reforms. Well connected lawyers, funded by Doug McCarron, continue to suck up hard working members dues money to fight union democracy within the UBC and lobby the U.S. Dept. of Labor to continue their No SEE, NO HEAR, NO SMELL way of doing business.

    Thank you Brother Dorrough for your tenaciousness. And thank you Brother John for this site and printing the FACTS.

  5. Charles Lezzette, as if he were a real Carpenter, hit the nail on the head with his quote “mike mccarran ain’t got what it takes.”

    From 1998 to 2008 unlike anywhere else in the country Southern California & Las Vegas experienced unprecedented & historic economic growth in the construction industry. When General President Doug McCarron installed little mike as Secretary Treasurer in 1999 the General President handed off to him the perfectly structured Regional Council that the members & Doug himself had built. Between the years 1999 & 2008 a monkey could have successfully run DOUG’S Council and during those years little mike did, with an ample supply of bananas like at his 14D trail.

    In 2009 the construction economy fell off a cliff & little mike followed shortly thereafter. From 2009 to July 2013 supporters & detractors alike watched what was at first a gradual but over time accelerating deterioration of little mike’s faculties which lead to his catastrophic mental breakdown. The real leaders of the Council, those who out of loyalty to Doug, protected little mike from himself were pushed out & isolated, his business agents and members were not allowed access or meaningful communication with him. Until the end when it was just Larry O’Brien & Mike Olds, the two blind & ultimate “yes men”.

    mike mccarran is nothing without his big brother & the moment he tried to step out from Doug’s shadow i.e. making unilateral decisions on Southwest Council & Trust Fund business, he screwed up so bad that he’s going to be thrown into Federal Prison & thrown out of the Brotherhood. The only thing I hold Doug accountable for on this whole matter is giving an intellectual / political lightweight & crybaby like mike mccarran the Council in the first place.

    And to you mike mccarran; I watched the video at your Local 1506 Union meeting & I have news for you: your pants have been down around your ankles for years & we’ve all bit our tongues trying not to laugh at you out of respect for your big brother UBC General President Doug McCarron. For you to turn to the Local 1506 members who were calling for your resignation & refer to yourself third person stating, “you (the members) have no bearing, mike mccarran won’t resign, how’s that.” Pathetic, Despicable & Disgraceful are the only words befitting your contempt for the members of Local 1506 & the entire membership of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

  6. Little Willy??? That's what everyone calls D-Mac.....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Little Willy??? Is that the best you've got???

  7. Hey wee willy: Howzit feel to remain, after that soliloquoy, a McCarron supporter nonetheless?

    Doug McCarron must be removed as UB Gen Pres. !!

  8. Big News! Follow the link below to read the TRO Application and more importantly the Supporting Declarations by Mike McCarron, Michael Olds, Lindsey Maldoon and Kathy McCarron, which explain the situation in its entirety.
    Thank you all for your support. Please help spread the word!

  9. Wee Willy aka the clown Doug McCarron and the weasel oompa loompa Dan Macdonald

  10. GREAT POST Brother Dorrough from KCMO- it seems God has a sense of humor when it comes to TYRANTS in America! TOO many GOOD UNION members have been run out, BLACKBALLED (like Kevin Price is by STL Nelson), and others slandered, careers, and LU's DESTROYED by DOUGY's RAT-PACKS, now Mike gets a taste of our pain! Lets see what the FEDS do NOW or the Courts who have ignored the complaints of THOUSANDS over the last 20 years through THREE different White house administrations, who by the way TOOK OUR UBC PAC monies as pay-offs from Dougy & CO. DOL does NOTHING because they are only worried about their funding & do not want to piss off either party in power. The UBC house of cards is falling, we need to elect rank & file to next convention ONLY, & CLEAN HOUSE completely! The new President then needs to bring charges, EXPELL every MAC-RAT EST on down to his lowest appointed staffer, prosecute & sue everyone of them involved, and STRIP them of their double retirements, FREE health care, or anyother PERKS for VIOLATING OUR RIGHTS! Sounds like Dougy's been raping our funds at EVERY level after reading Mikey's complaint how MANY PAID POSITIONS & he's drawing his CDC PENSION TOO! What part of CRIMINAL ENTERPRIZE doesn't DOJ understand?

  11. Eric Holder, what a sad sack. The same as Hilda Solis. Now she is gone. Hopefully Holder will exit so that justice can be done in the McCarron case.

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  13. BIG NEWS!!!
    Mike McCarron's petition for TRO, preliminary & permanent injunction was thrown out of court for having no merit.
    It looks as if his self described "UBC Microcosm Bubble" just blew up in his FACE!!
    You F*cked with the BULL & got the Horns!
    Send me your Prisoner ID number & I'll send you a care-package every couple of months. You know, things like soup on a rope & whatnot.

    1. I meant soap on a rope. Damn typos!

    2. It's always amusing to have a clown in the room. You, Wee Willy have made yourself the "laugh" of the party.

  14. So the big supervision hearing begins on Wednesday, October 16th. If Mike’s “trial” at the ITC was a kangaroo court, I don’t even begin to know what to call this joke of a hearing. Word from the disillusioned membership is that “ Doug McCarron’s” UBC is paying members’ wages, air or bus fare (depending on rank), and hotel accommodations (depending on how damaging the testimony) to the ITC and given scripts in order to bear false witness against their brother in the brotherhood. These members are being instructed to heckle Mike McCarron whenever he attempts to tell the truth. Don’t you see a pattern here? Every EST who has been 14D'd, to date, has been accused of the same wrong doings. They have all been accused of being bullies and/or terrorists. They have all been accused of financial improprieties. They have all been accused of using the trust to enhance their own pockets. These are all crimes that the UBC, themselves, are guilty of. Their real “crime” is that Doug McCarron gets wind that a certain council is not genuflecting. When "The Great Oz” believes he may lose delegates or someone might run against him, then he sets them up for destruction. He needs his minions to carry out his sinister plan. Get some “nuts” guys! If you all say, “No way,” he can’t fire all of you. Talk about a waste of brotherhood money! Wouldn’t this money be better spent organizing for the good of the brotherhood? I believe that every member who bears false witness against Mike McCarron should have their names posted on the 157 BlogSpot for all to see.

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