Sunday, June 24, 2012

Message From The Fraternal Order of Woodworkers

The Fraternal Order of Woodworkers Special Called Meeting Thursday, June 28th, 2012. 

As we find ourselves in, what we hope, is the tail end of an economic debacle, District Council restructuring, extremely important contract relations and now the fallout of the Manufacturing Woodworking Association, many members are extremely concerned. The questions are many and the answers are few. Our membership deserves to be kept up to date on all the important changes that will affect their lives and families.

Our NYCDCC woodworkers have been helping to build New York with integrity, hard work and honor for many years. The shops and installers have been making a living and prospering on the hard work and dedication of the union woodworker in N.Y.C. We have been installing their products and also trying to make a living. It seems that at every opportunity to take away from these dedicated workers, they cut and complain they are losing their shirts. Meanwhile, the dedicated worker show up everyday and install the jobs at hand. We deserve more respect and a little appreciation for helping these companies to make their fortunes as we try to get by on less and less.

Woodworkers in New York City must stand together and be proud of the fine work that we do. They are talking about pay cuts and have already begun to cut benefit rates for our brothers and sisters in the shop. Don't think that if some of these unscrupulous contractors get what they want, it wont spread to the rest of the carpentry trade in NYC.We are all in this union and should pull all carpenters together and stand tall.

The Fraternal Order of Woodworkers are having a special called meeting on Thursday, June 28th, 2012. This meeting is open to all woodworkers in the NYC area and we urge you to participate in this informational gathering. If your livelihood depends on working in the shop or in the field installing, you need to come to this important meeting and join together with others that share in this common goal. All F.O.W. members are required to attend this meeting.

The meeting will be held at the NYCDCC Labor Technical College, 2nd, floor at 5:00 pm, June 28th, 2012. Please feel free to come down and ask questions with all fellow woodworkers in N.Y.C. There have been requests made to have some representatives from the Council to field questions and concerns you may have about our situation with the Manufactures Woodworking Association.

The NYCDCC is involved with many ongoing legal issues concerning the current MWA situation and cannot comment or advise us at this time. This is also why this gathering is so essential. We must show all concerned that the woodworkers in NYC stand united and will do what is necessary to keep our trade and union strong for future carpenters.

This is your union and your livelihood. Please come down and get involved with the important changes that will affect you and your families for the future.

Thank you,
The Fraternal Order of Woodworkers.


  1. Corrections:

    "Manufacturing Woodworking Association" should be: Manufacturing Woodworkers Association


    "They are talking about pay cuts and have already begun to cut benefit rates for our brothers and sisters in the shop" should be: They have already begun to cut benefit rates for our brothers and sisters, in the shop, and outside installers.


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