Friday, March 9, 2012

Stephen Ross: The Billionaire Who Is Rebuilding New York

This story appears in the 2012 Billionaires issue of Forbes magazine, dated March 26, as a feature entitled “The Last Master Builder.”


Staring across Manhattan’s last untamed strip, the rows of sleek silver commuter trains sliding along the island’s only active rail yard, the Related Companies’ Stephen Ross points to the future. There, flanking the wildly successful High Line elevated park, is where the 56-story South Tower will go. And over there, on the other side of 33rd Street, where massive cranes bisect the sky, will be the new subway entrance.




  2. Project Owners, Developers & Contractors have sat on projects and funding since 9-11 & are flush with cash.

    NO PLA on HUDSON YARDS, TAPPAN ZEE, or any other large Project coming down the pike.

    The rank & file gave back $10-%15 Billion Dollars already, courtesy of McCarron & Spencer....ENOUGH IS more bullshit deals. No more Most Favored Nations deals selling out the U.S.A. to third world shit-holes.

    Timne for the bullshit, side-deals, bribes, kick-backs and pay-offs to be over No? It seems the Mob stole far less than the pricks in the suits with law degrees....Think about it..who ar ethe bigger thieves in al this?


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