Saturday, March 3, 2012

Notice: Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, March 13th

All members are invited to attend a Town Hall meeting at the District Council on Tuesday, March 13th at 4:30 pm.

The Executive-Secretary Treasurer, President and Vice-President, as well as the RO, will address the members in attendance and answer their questions regarding CBAs, Amalgamated and the NLRB vote, court matters and any other topic of general interest.

The meeting will be held at on the Second Floor at 395 Hudson Street, New York, NY (use Clarkson Street entrance).


  1. Everyone should read and understand the MOST FAVORED NAYION CLAUSE in these contracts before you even think about voting YES on these contracts.

    Even THE COMPANY MEN who are full mobility they will be touched by this clause too your owners will be screwing you too if this is not voted down This clause will in a sense make all jobs PLA jobs from here on in and believe me even if you have been with a company for along time you know that if the boss can up his profits on the sweat of the workers back he will do it reguardless of how long you have been slaving for him VOTE THESE SELLOUT CONTRACTS DOWN NOW OR FOREVER REMEMBER THE FAVORED NATION CLAUSE MCCARRON IS USING FULL MOBILITY TO TAKE YOUR EYE OFFTHE BALL AND MOST FAVORED NATION CLAUSE IN THE CONTRACTS IS GOING TO MAKE US ALL WORK ON PLA JOBS PLEASE READ IT BEFORE VOTING OR YOU WILL ALL BE SORRY COMPANY OR NO COMPANY MAN


  3. I heard that Walsh is having a radio controlled chip put into Lebo and Bilello for the event, so do not think you are going to be able to see the strings anymore.


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