Sunday, March 25, 2012

Open Letter

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Update: Heres a first, the Council posted my editorial on March 23...Better late than never.

(The following email was sent this morning, March 14.)

To Executive Committee
Re: Request to provide information on District Councils website

Per section 12 (G) of the District Council bylaws, I am requesting that you to post the article "Vote No on Contracts" (full text with links) on the District Councils website to provide the membership with a "range of positions and points of view" on the contract ratification vote. "

Section 12 (G) The Executive Committee shall have the authority and responsibility to provide information about the District Council to the public and the membership including by publishing The Carpenter and effectively maintaining the District Council website. When presenting information to the public and the membership, the Executive Committee shall provide information fairly reflecting the range of positions and points of view on subjects relevant to the District Council and members."

Should you have any questions or need anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank You

cc Delegate Body




  3. There must be 2 Dennis Walsh. I met one of them back in 98 at the District Council in NYC, and he seemed to be OK back then. He cared for the carpenters.

  4. Fellow Members , After 37 years as a proud Union carpenter , paying dues and working hard in all kinds of weather I have witnessed many events and changes to our Union . The latest economic decline and inroad of non-Union work and anti-Union sentiment is depressing enough. Now retirees are being whacked with phenomenal premiums and out of pocket expenses for medical coverage for ourselves and eligible dependents . No Dental or Eye care is slightly understandable do to costs of member coverage but the other changes to retiree Welfare coverage are not conducive to continuing support for Unionism . For all active members strive to be taken care of at the end of their career as it is part of why we become Union members to begin with along with a decent days pay for the skilled work we perform . Are our Union leaders and indeed our elected government officials who pass law after law without consideration to the effect it has on the people really doing their best ? Do they make the same concessions ? We are after all paying for them with our sweat and blood . I am afraid of what this will mean to the future membership of our Brotherhood and also what I see as a failure of government . Work long , Work hard , shut up and do not get sick . Oh yeah , forget about any security in your retirement!

  5. Are there any retirees that are taking any action on this or does no one represent the retirees...


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