Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reputed Genovese soldier Joseph Olivieri found guilty of perjury

BY Brian Kates

A Genovese soldier who ran the city's largest contractor association was found guilty of perjury on Wednesday in a case that showed the mob's grip on construction.

A Manhattan federal jury took only four hours to reach its verdict against Joseph Olivieri, former head of the Wall-Ceiling Association, a group of 165 carpentry contractors.

He was the last of nine construction powerhouses to face judgment in a racketeering indictment that saw city carpenters union boss Michael Forde and seven others plead guilty. Olivieri faces five years behind bars when sentenced Jan. 21.

Testimony painted Olivieri as the mob's go-to guy in city construction unions.

Also a trustee of the carpenters union benefit funds, he was charged with lying in a sworn deposition in a related case that he had no relationship with Genovese capo Louis Moscatiello or corrupt contractor James Murray, owner of On Park Contracting.

The perjured testimony came in 2007 as the feds were fighting to continue court-ordered corruption monitoring of the carpenters union.

Witness after witness testified that Olivieri, 55, carried Moscatiello's orders to Forde and other union bigwigs on the take.

Olivieri, who still faces possible prosecution on four other counts, is free on a $500,000 personal recognizance bond.


  1. Funny how it is only the Perjury charge that he was found guilty of. He is on the hook for at least 4 more charges.

    Larry Cooley, Suffolk Deputy Labor Commissioner was fired after his testimony.

  2. It didnt take long for the jury to rule.Slam dunk in everyones eyes except NYCDCC.Either government has big case coming or they are blind.

  3. it's sad. both olivieri and cooley... known them my whole life... great men.

  4. Great men? no.Scumbags?yes.Stop the
    bullshit all who are involved are pure garbage.You can't cover this up anymore.

  5. I agree, they are great men. Great families. Tragic.

  6. Great Men asshole? Sure great men that take the paracite mafia's orders to co-scumbag mike forde that rip off all the unions men. Ever wonder why 20 story buildings are being built within 3 blocks of the DC with all illegal aliens?
    Ever wonder why the UNions Market share PLUMMETED?With scumbags like Forde & Oliveri taking CASH from Contractors to allow non-union work.Fuck some of the bastard BA's had THEIR OWN NON-UNION CONTRACTORS.Great men my fucking ass.

  7. HOW is it that Organized Crime-namely MAFIA have been in the carpenters union for decades.How is it that D'Errico & Caperso-both related to Vinny The Chin Gigante are even allowed to have a fucking spot in the Union? My uncle is Vinny The Chin? is my rights to be in charge of the crook Mike Forde's office? He's in charge? Dennis Walsh is doing WHAT?allowing that?

  8. Will there be justice for the Rank & File? Will the contenders for furture EST step up and demand restitution on our behalf? Will they demand that the membership be made whole? Will they plead the case for the Carpenters who were fleeced? Show us what you are made of if you want our vote! There will come a time when we once again have our rights restored! Do not miss this most important opportunity to show the Rank & File your grit! Who among you will rise to speak on our behalf? Remain silent at your own political peril! It is a time for Real Leaders!


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