Saturday, October 23, 2010

Message From Supervisor Frank Spencer


  1. why post this stupid thing? frank telling us what we already know in typical ubcja propaganda fashion. more stupidity that frank would claim is keeping us informed. the daily news is where we have to get informed. really is a lot of fun to have the other trades laughing at us when they read the papers, especially if you have no idea of what they are talking about if you didn't buy the paper that morning. way to go frank, at least everyone recognizes that you are simply part of the problem at this stage

  2. This is the quarter of a million bucks spent on image-polishing the Daily News was talking about...

  3. your screw if you do, your screw if you don't. everyone complained that the suits didn't speak, now you are mad because he does. make up your mind.

    Spencer works for the UBC, that's his freaking job. What you expect the truth to be spoken? Many times he can't and many times he doesn't feel like it.

    We need this. We need these words to be on the record.

  4. This idiot talks out of his %$# , He is never at the NY District Council. Lawrence D'Errico is running the side show that is going on con you support D'Errico when he says FORDE is innocent and won't allow members there rights. d'Errico, Caperso and danielson must go before we can move anywhere.

  5. How many times do i hear that D'Ericco is Vinny "The Chin"Giogante's Nephew who has been along with the mafia breathren-been involved in running NYC Carpenter Union's for DECADES?
    True or Not Mr.Walsh? True or not Frank Spencer?
    Where did u come from Spencer?Aren't you McCarron's suck-boy?
    Get rid of ALL OF THEM.

  6. The previous poster asked the right question. Mr. Walsh clear the air or you'll never clean the council


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