Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Midday Rally at Pace

Their is a midday Rally tomorrow at 33 Beekman street, the site of a new 34 story Pace University Dormitory Tower.

Picket Duty Credit will be granted for this Rally. Contact Ruben Colon: Representative NYCDC Area Standards Dept. - Cell # ( 917 ) 376 - 5537


  1. I'll take regular picket duty because my union does not represent its membership. Take part in something that is a falicy. Colon is just another sell out.

    1. That's not what I hear. But do tell, how did he sell you out?

    2. To: Anonymous September 11, 2013 at 9:09 PM

      You won't attend the Rally at Pace because your union does not represent its membership, but you will take regular picket duty?!

      Your union organized the rally; your union organizes picket duty; what's the difference? It's the same union either way-- the same union you say does not represent its membership.

      And, when you attend "regular" picket duty, there's a good chance Colon, or another Council Representative, will be there, organizing. So either way, you're side-by-side with someone who you think is a sell-out.

      Going by your rule, you'll need to forgo union activity altogether; but it seems like you're more comfortable criticizing from afar than any involvement with labor organizing-- you had the chance to speak out for 10-15 minutes-- the welcome mat was laid out.

      Colon, in my opinion, is a positive influence within an largely dysfunctional organization.

      If you're so concerned with sell-outs ruining the Council, why didn't you file charges against Cavanaugh for the illegal welfare allocations? My guess is you're to timid to take on the major foes, so you lash out at a potential ally.

  2. By taking a UBC position as a paid employee @ 395. He sold all of us out.

  3. Fact >He's involved in an organizing dept that continues to loose market share. Taking reg. picket duty is at least defined to concentrate on one employer @ an actual job site. Colons major contribution, besides sacrificing his vocal chords, has been to suggest more tshirts will increase participation. Potential means the future and that is not today. All paid DC employees live for one reason, to appease the corporate UBC agenda and that of the child council.

    And as for;
    "My guess is you're to timid to take on the major foes,"...........Think again for an alternative closer to truth.

    1. "All paid DC employees live for one reason, to appease the corporate UBC agenda". There ARE other things in life my friend. You give this "corporate UBC" too much credit. Obviously you know not of whom you speak. Blanket statements hold no weight among thinkers. Pour a little water on that blanket to give it some substance.


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