Thursday, September 26, 2013

EST Pro Tem September TownHall


  1. This Is the End:)))

  2. King Arthur & the Knights of the Roundtable.

    But seriously, Who the hell coordinated the Floor outlets with the "roundtable"? Nice going for so called Union work. Makes the Union look swell.

    For future broadcasts, can somoene tell the Sound guy to turn the Volume up so all the deaf carpenters can hear, or, in the alternative, tell Mr. McGinnis to speak closer to the microphone. This is lamo, you can barely hear the guy speak!

    Nice turnout, but that's what you get when they sell the men out on the full mobility so all the out of state travelers & illegals can keep on working & shut out the men & woman who belong to the DC Locals from working where they live & pay taxes.

  3. Can we have transcripts because it appears they do not want the membership to hear what he is saying. THE SECOND TIME!


  4. Get better speakers...i hear it fine...what they should really do is just have the sound recorded this way it won't show that lonely man sitting by himslf and 5 people in attendance. The once proud union is a shell..the 800 lb Gorilla sits and waits instead of demanding.

  5. McInnis engineered the sellout contracts along with EVERY council rep pulling in salaries in the six figures. Clean house and vote for Greg Kelty EST!!!!!!!!

  6. If it wasn't for "Anonymous" we wouldn't have any comments at all! So proud of our union....not!


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