Thursday, July 18, 2013

District Council Imitates Local157blogspot

The District Council has launched a first-ever “Comment Section” (we started this in 2007) that is attached to every Member News item posted on their website. The Council says the new "comment section is meant to give members a chance to weigh in on the news, events and key issues at the Council."

The Council writes, "Here’s your chance to share your thoughts and opinions with us and your fellow union brothers and sisters. The DC is doing whatever it takes to keep its membership informed and to remain transparent."

The Council is also using "the latest technologies to reach out to members via their emails, cell phones and home phones. Members who provide us with their contact information can expect to receive robocalls, emails and texts from us from time to time. Expect to receive information such as the latest picket lines, contract vote dates or when a raise will go into effect."

In order to utilize the new "Comment Section" simply follow the instructions and the District Council's Terms of Use to sign up and become part of the discussion!


  1. Not exactly. All member opinions must be approved by the NYCDCC censor before any posting. No cursing!

  2. the Moose invented the internet

  3. The member comment page was supposed to be up 18 months ago according to the bylaws. It came in handy not to post comments from the members against fool mobility, paycuts, givebacks etc. Right Est McGinnis?

  4. It didn't work then........... it ain't now. DW played the membership w/a by law provision that was not met according to compliance standards and that its reliance as a way of cba dissemination was a complete failure. Go rubber stamp delegates!



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