Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daily Strike Report

From Local 2790

At Island Architectural & Midhattan Woodworking, there are union carpenters who are members of the North East Regional Council who refuse to honor the picket line!

At William Sommerville, there are members of Local 157 & Local 1556 who are installing woodwork from Sommerville right around the corner!

Actions like this only serve to weaken our union and should be frowned upon by every brother and sister member!


  1. Bring them up on charges that simple

  2. Yes all are true, lets not forget all the crap that comes into this city with no union stamp yet gets installed by "Union Installers" but that's ok! How about get the contract done, stop targeting union shops and start going after contractors like Flintlock!!! Oh heaven forbid we do that!!

  3. Bring the assholes up on charges & summarily expel all of them. Once a rat, always a rat!


  5. Bill Walsh Local 157July 3, 2013 at 12:13 PM

    Thanks for the support!!! Whats wrong with these members? All carpenters should get behind this effort and unite.
    Yes, we should go after Flintlock, etc but this is a time for solidarity, not seperation. Happy 4th of July!!

  6. The cabinetmakers are going on strike primarily because of the proposed 40 hour cap on their benefits. If this happens, you can bet that this will pave the way for the wall and ceiling contractors will start demanding the same cap on benefits.

    Their is also a proposal for a second tier of workers at a lower wage. This was recklessly given to Rimi's corporate refurbishing as a second tier, and their first tier finishing department closed.

    The benefits cap and this proposed tier system, if passes, will set a precedent for our wall and ceiling contracts and compromises our fundamental union values. Support the cabinetmakers and help them stop the possibility a benefits cap and an unfair tier system.

    Please report any woodwork being installed during this period to the DC and go picket the shops as the cabinetmakers always picket for wall and ceiling.

    Here is a list of MWA shops you can help picket:

    Bauerschmidt & Sons Inc. 119-20 Merrick Blvd. Street Albans, NY 11434

    Craftsman Woodworkers Ltd.58-65 Maspeth AvenueMaspeth, NY 11378

    DiMaio Millwork Corp.12 Bright Place Yonkers, NY 10705

    Eastern Millwork, Inc.18 Chapel Avenue Jersey City, N.J. 07305

    Ignelzi Interiors Inc. 98-05 217th Street Queens Village, NY 11429

    Island Architect Woodwork Inc.31 Howard Place Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

    Midhattan Woodworking Corp.3130 Bordentown Avenue Old Bridge, N.J. 08857

    Nordic Interior, Inc.56-01 Maspeth Avenue Maspeth, NY 11378

    Rimi Woodcraft Corp. 1185 Commerce Avenue Bronx, N.Y. 10462

    Tatco Installations, Inc. 58-18 64th Street Maspeth, NY 11378

    Tobin Woodworking, Inc.155B Allen Boulevard Farmingdale, NY 11735

    William Somerville, Inc.166 E. 124th StreetNew York, NY 10035


  7. This kind of bullcrap was never tolerated and still never should be .The scabs crossing the line are undermining all of our efforts to produce a better life for all of us. If you are crossing the line there is no excuse.You race to the bottom for a few crumbs on the table today.Drop dead scabs!

  8. Will the NYCDCC Executives, Executive Board Members and Delegates start enforcing the UBC Constitution?

    UBC Constitution 2010

    Page 67

    "(9)Crossing or working behind a picket line duly authorized by any subordinate body of the United Brotherhood."

    UBC Constitution 2010

    Pages 79 and 80

    "B Members affected by a strike but who are permitted to work in a bargaining area where a strike is in progress shall pay an assessment to the District Council, Regional Council, or Local Union an amount not less than two hours’ pay for each day worked during the strike for the purpose of establishing a strike and defense fund. Such fund shall be used to provide benefits for members unemployed because of the strike and to pay bills and other expenses incurred in connection therewith. A Local Union or Council which has an adequate reserve in its strike fund may request dispensation from the General President to reduce the amount of the assessment payable under this Section."

  9. they are all scum

  10. What do you mean "if the 40 hour cap happens"? The Miller Blaker agreement with the union signed a few years back already has the 40 hour cap at their shop in the Bronx!! Wake up people! That was approved and no seems to know? Come on guys, if don't believe it, go down to the DC and ask for yourselves!

  11. So you're saying if a leader jumps off a cliff we all should follow? Frank Spencer and the UBC International/Doug McCarrion signed off on the Miller Blaeker agreement-- the same terms were then offered to the MWA and they rejected it, and look where we are now. Let Miller Blaeker have their ill gotten gains. The Trusteeship is over, and the MWA agreement has expired-- two wrongs doesn't make a right. Tell the MWA to shove the 40hr cup up their cancerous asses.

  12. well I truly hope that all you assholes out there can see past your nose. this is just giving more evidence that the overall mentality involved in every aspect of this district council is driving us to oblivion.just keep giving up the farm you fuckin assholes.


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