Wednesday, February 16, 2011

IG and CCO See No Constitutional Violations

On Thursday, February 3, I sent a letter in response to Inspector General, Scott Danielson, and Chief Compliance Officer, John Ballantyne, letter and email dated January 31, regarding violations of the UBC Constitution by Local 157 President Lawrence D"Errico.

Below is their email response to my letter... 

Click to enlarge.

And my reply...John: When the motion for meeting minutes is made once again at a future meeting, and President D'Errico refuses to accept the motion again, and an appeal from the decision of the chair is made and rejected once again, maybe then you will find "basis for which to change our decision."


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  1. Hey John, all you have to do is have former 608 members make the motion and second it. Remember McCarron in his letter says they maintain all thier rights. Dericco will be left no choice but to allow the motion. Just make the motion simple. A motion to simply make copies of the minutes upon request after they have been approved. So they can't argue that it is a waste of paper or time. Lets see what Inspector Gadget and CCO Ballantyne(now on DC payroll $200,000) say about that. Maybee they will give you a chance to charge all thier asses


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