Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Court Transcript - Bilello Motion For Council Elections

Below is the transcript of proceedings of February 8th related to the Bilello motion, you may find to be of interest.

Here is a new idea for a more democratic union, take rank and file voting rights away!

Attorneys for Defendant United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Mr. Conboy:

"What is critically necessary is a comprehensive review of what kind of democratic mechanism ought to be in place here to minimize this ongoing problem. The United Brotherhood is of the view that there should be a significant change in the way that officers of the district council and the executive board are elected.

The United Brotherhood will be submitting to the United States attorney and to the review officer promptly a very significant revision of the power structure of the New York City District Council.

As your Honor knows, there is now a direct election of these critical officers and board members by the rank and file.

The UBC believes that a much more effective method of democratic engagement of the rank and file will be accomplished by a different method of election. That method of election is in fact in operation in many district councils across the United States.

I might add that none of these district councils have had anything like the disgraceful and intractable problem of corruption and racketeering that has plagued the New York District Council, indeed, throughout the entire life of the consent decree.

The idea is to have delegates chosen in each local to become not merely voters on election day, but to be integrated into the governance of the New York District Council."


Also posted is a copy of the decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Harrington v. Chao (2004) which, though decided almost seven years ago, remains interesting reading for anyone interested in questions relating to union governance and democracy.

Carpenters 2.8.2011 Court Conference




  2. if Conboy was a little more diligent during his time as IRO, maybe we would not be here now, in the first place. I chokes me up to know that we paid him back then, and he is back here now, and is still trying to protect the same machine that has stolen money out of our pockets every day.

  3. Chosen means no Vote thats GWB style democracy. Giving up freedom for safety ain't democracy!


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