Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Leaders Elected To Crime-Ridden Local 608

Carpenters For Democracy Slate Winners, picture from left to right, Donny Arana, Gauntlett Holness, Gerry Gausman, Tommy McGonnigle.
President-elect rank and file carpenter, Tommy McGonnigle, and his slate of candidates won last nights special executive board election for Local 608.

McGonnigle running on the Carpenters For Democracy Slate, beat rival 608 Tea Party Slate, by about 75 votes out of approximately 900 votes counted.

He becomes the sixth president this year, and head of the city's biggest carpenters local.

Former president of the crime-racked local, Michael Murphy, was suspended without pay less than two months after taking office in September.

Four of Murphy's predecessors were axed this year for financial skulduggery, rigging job referrals and other infractions.

With 7,400 members, Local 608 is the largest of 11 locals in the New York City District Council of Carpenters and controls virtually all high-rise construction on Manhattan's West Side and in the Bronx.

McGonnigle and his new team of rank and file carpenters, promise to "end the years of corruption, institute democratic reforms and run the local solely for the benefit of the membership."

They better hit the ground running, because General President McCarron, informed the New York delegates at a meeting in Las Vegas in October that "he intends to take action against the local."

"McCarron said, Local 608 is a corrupt organization and will be dissolved" a carpenter commented.

The local carries a history of corruption ranging from bribery to Job Referral Rule violations to physical assaults against members, associations with gangsters, and the recent arrest and conviction of former president John Greaney and trustee Brian Hayes on a slew of charges related to corruption, racketeering, embezzlement, bribery and perjury.

On December 3, Federal court-appointed Review Officer Dennis Walsh issued his first Interim Report, among other things Walsh wrote, "Local 608 bleeds money, the monthly expenses of the local recently averaged $240,000 per month."

"The local has been imprudently managed for years, employing excessive numbers of office workers, leasing vastly excessive office space, hiring service providers and not questioning the cost."

The following are the new elected officers:
Tommy McGonnigle, President-elect
Gerry Gausman, Vice President-elect
Donny Arana, Recording Secretary-elect
Gauntlett Holness, Conductor-elect


  1. Good Luck Boys, Get Busy.

    Brother Tom Moore, IUEC


  3. Good job Musumeci (as always). It should have said from left rather than right. Thanks. Donny Arana

  4. the whole sad part is that MC morrren want the money that local 608 has ! he will send his lap dog frankie boy down there to get rid of them all on some bullshit charges , when in fact it's dougie boy that should be brought up on charges , un less the fed's stop him the rape will never stop .

  5. the latest....Mcarron wants to sell our building on hudson st worth aprox 200million(fully rented) and buy property in bronx aprox 5 million (bruckner blvd) and take the huge profit elsewhere in thr brotherhood.Its all about our money,we have to stop his,tne school is functional and ideally located.....

  6. How long before these guys start stealing.

  7. Are you kidding. These guys were delegates to the convention. They ran on the Firth/Daly/Murphy slate. Its going to be more of the same shit till they are DISSOLVED.

  8. They ALL need to go to jail just like the others.

  9. Walsh: did ride the OWL or rigged their certs to get shop steward jobs orchestrated by corrupt ex-local officials? If NO, give them a chance. If YES, fire them ASAP. That way we can have another pathetic 608 election where the only people voting are the candidates themselves.

  10. I know You can make this work .Good Luck.Mr D

  11. All that ever changes are the names and faces.In the end the result is always the same no matter who is in the spot light......


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