Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”: UBC Tramples on Members Rights

Local 608 Dissolved and Merged into Local 157

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 a date Local 608 carpenters went to the polls and elected their own, President-elect rank and file carpenter, Tommy McGonnigle, and his Carpenters For Democracy Slate.

McGonnigle became the sixth president this year of the crime-racked local.

So we thought, seven days after the election, General President McCarron, dissolved the local and merged it into Local 157, one has to question why, why now?

Supervisor, Frank Spencer, could have been placed Local 608 under emergency supervision after former president John Greaney, and former trustee Brian Hayes, were indicted in August 2009 with Mike Forde.

Instead Martin Devereaux, vice-president, was named acting president to replace John Greaney.

The local could have been placed under emergency supervision after Joe Firth became president beating Deveraux in an election this past March.

Instead Devereaux was fired this past August, and Spencer went through four of Deveraux's successors, all axed for financial skulduggery, rigging job referrals and other infractions and still no action taken against the local.

So why the decision to dissolved the local now?

Was it because rank and file carpenters won the election?

In General President McCarron's letter to Spencer (below) he wrote, "Spencer and Phil Newkirk, Assistant to the General President, in a report, recommended that Local 608 be dissolved."  McCarron does not specify the date of this report.

The million dollar question is, if Spencer was recommending dissolving the local, why did he allow the local to conduct a shame election?

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  1. We need accurate infirmation right now...
    Especially NOW...devereux wasn't president of
    the local since April. It was either firth or daily.
    Will we still be having a meeting on monday?


  3. To the Dissolution of Local Union 608 - Say NO!,

    Part 1 The rumored “take-over” of LU608 will not be due to Joseph Firth alone, or to anyone else singly. If Firth and others were so ineligible why were they allowed to have progressed to the point of being installed as LU608 officers? Why did McCarron, Spencer, O'Dwyer and Bernstein, DeCarlo, Connor, and Shanley, and/or the US DOJ not work sooner or faster to bar them from being eligible to run? Nonetheless, with all the tumultuous there probably hasn't been so much availability of information, honesty, forwardness and member interactiveness in the history of LU608 since its inception.

    The events at LU608 should be allowed to play-out so that nearly all that is wrong with LU608 will “float to the top” and the members can rid their local union of nearly all their garbage.

    If and when LU608 is actually dissolved or merged, it will happen because McCarron will have thought he has lost control of LU608 and its representatives are no longer in lock-step with him.

    It matters not who any of the local union representatives are, just that they obey.

    If a local union or council representative or representatives causes 'difficulty' for McCarron, and that difficulty continues, he will remove that 'difficulty' and all else along with it.

    To me, this is akin to killing a patient just to get rid of a little bit of sickness. Kill the patient and the sickness doesn't spread, though the sickness would have been thoroughly overcome by letting the body cure itself.

    He will not attempt to get at the root of the problem, that of mistakes and corruption that continue due to a lack of local union members' involvement and oversight due to naivete, ignorance, and poor decisions due to lack of information, intimidation/fear, anger, and apathy.

    This pattern/process of failure is applicable to any and all organizations. Restrict peoples information and/or interrupt their opportunities to learn and they are doomed to repeat their mistakes.

    McCarron may argue that the root of the problem is the actual existence of Local Union 608, but that would be an arrogant and disgusting argument because that would imply that all locals are or eventually will be a 'problem' and they all eventually will need to be destroyed.

    Destroying LU608 will only make problems worse.

    For starters where are all the LU608 members going to go? Will LU608 be merged into LU157? This would be a disaster for both LU608 and LU157 members. Such a merger would create a local union with approximately 10940 members.

    How would that help any member? If simply dissolved, will the LU608 members just have to pick another local union to join?

    It is also rumored that LU20 and LU2090 are going to be dissolved or merged. There used to be many local unions in NYC. (Though, for the most part they were run like fiefdoms due to lack of informed and involved members often due to intimidation/fear and apathy.) Now there are but 11 local unions in NYC. Are we eventually going to have just a handful of local unions in NYC? Imagine two or three LU's with over 8000 to 12000 members each. You think our local unions are dysfunctional now? The percentage of members that attend LU608 and LU157 meetings and that are involved in union matters is already dismal. Just wait and see how the local unions will operate, or rather not operate, with over 8000 members each. Imagine just 10 E-board members determining the fate of 8000 to 12000 members. You think you had little control or say in your local union matters before? Well, you're in for a real treat if and when LU608 is destroyed.

  4. Have info on Devereaux up till his firing. They shifted him to regional manager Early spring 2010 on. I believe he did time as 608 Pres under the ubc supervision for a period of time, am I correct on this ? So when things weren't going well with Forde squatting away from fighting his case Devereaux was moved to 395. Should have seen him those final days.



  7. At the least this should be challenged to curb McCarrons god complex. These locals are not some International douche bags play things. This is not McCarrons Local and not Spencers Local. They did not consult with the New Officers of 608 or give them a chance. They did not allow the rank and file to vote on the destruction of their local. They just did it as if the rank and file are their servants and slaves.
    Under 6(a) this decision can be appealed to the International Executive board.Further the rank and file should send McCarron a message that these are our locals and not their playthings.You need to file an appeal and request a stay pending the outcome of the appeal.
    We have been consulting with an attorney to protect their moves against our local in Albany. We are going to seek a court ordered injunction. The key according to our help is to show how the members are aggrieved by this action. You must show the judge how these actions by the International or Council will financially hurt the members of Local 608 as we are doing for the upstate Locals. We are also using McCarrons own words against him when in Link-v-Rhodes et al he said following: "The Union has adopted a three tier structure: The International union, various intermediate bodies and local unions. Though they are affiliated by a constitution these organizations are such separate entities that they can and do sue each other and THEIR AGENTS HAVE NO BINDING AUTHORITY OUTSIDE THEIR OWN UNION ENTITY." So Dougy can either tell the Judge he perjured himself or stick 6(a) in his ass

    While 608 may have been under threat since the convention it is not alone in McCarrons delusional plans. McCaron has forcibly merged the Kansas District Council with the St.Louis District Council and screwed their Locals.He then moved on just before the convention and merged the Oklahoma District Council and the Louisiana District Council, screwed their locals and tried to force them to sign a document even worse than the blue card. He has now sent Tom Garrison ex Kansas Distrcit Council Busines Rep and newly now crowned McCarron suck ass to force mergers and takeovers here in the Northeast.It is our turn.We can go quietly into the night or stick it up Dougys and Spencers ass.I vote for the second choice. Force them onto court.Use the press to show the world what rat bastards these clowns really are.
    Tommy Boy Garrison announced last night that he was taking over all our upstate job sites and we would all be dispatched by a central dispatcher. Members who live in Albany would be forced onto a statewide list. They are eliminating the 50/50 rule. A contractor can come to Albany and bring his entire crew and does not have to hire a single Albany Union Carpenter. Need I say more. This guy is a friggin moron

  8. This will all happen like a fart between the sheets. It will stink and make a few people angry but no one will do anything because eventually the smell will go away.

  9. Make sure you have plenty of beer Lawrence at the "NEW 157"(608) Christmas Party next week. I can't wait to meet all my new Italian Brothers. We can sing We Are Family. La Cosa Nostra vrs The Irish Machine. Should be a good One.

  10. Don't you mean the Irish retart machine?

  11. South Jersey Frank Spencer & Black Irish Doug McCarron have determined, NOW, that the biggest local in the country should be dissolved. Then what. The 8000 members go where. How does this fix anything. Listen Brothers , these 2 RBs never make a move unless its to cover their tracks or benefit themselves. This move probably does both. If it was for the members best interest, ya think they might have mentioned it maybe once in the last 3 years. What a sad sad bunch of leaders we have. Luck Doug gave himself the power to do whatever he wants with a stoke of the pen, oh wait, the delegates to the General Convention gave it to him. NICE!

  12. So Frank decides to dissolve 608 – ya, that will work out fine, but over in his home state, when the president of a local admitted in court he did not do his fiduciary responsibility and is removed from office, Frank hires him and puts him on council pay roll. Can't wait to see who he picks to put in charge of us since we do not get a say at all. Maybe guys like Suck Ass John Clark, Back Stabben John Balentine, or Ricky the Dick Dalrymple. You watch brothers he’s going to bring in all his NFG Jersey suck asses to get them on payroll!! I guarantee it

  13. The God Almighty McCarron has told his desipile Frank Spencer to dislove 608. The Will of the Membership - NOBODY CARES!!!!! - They are sheep and they will himm and haww but they will do what they are told cause they are SHEEP!!!! And thats what he is counting on!!!!

  14. Bring on the piece workers baby!! 5 bucks a board anybody!!!!

  15. Doug McCarron says this shit works for the Teachers & Postal Workers. CORPORATE UNION. It’s still a union, just No pesky membership input! Thanks Doug for bringing that to the Trade Unions. Another feather in your cap toward a highly paid hand picked leadership throwing scraps to its members. Bravo!!!!


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