Tuesday, December 21, 2010



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  2. what a load of s#$%t!I Guess Lawrence 'the rat' is the editor,all his goombahs getting attention even his buddy Annucci made the retirement

  3. Waste like this is a direct result of a lack of leadership.

  4. Who is Audra Donahue related to? And how much do we pay for this propaganda? We should vote to discontinue this piece of shit... Better yet, what does Audra know about being a carpenter? Where does her prospective come from?

    I am a communications manager for a taxi company (thanks to being on the OWL for 15 months). I also won an IPPY for best labor story in 2009


    For their reporting on the strike at the Stella D’oro Biscuit Co. in the Bronx last spring, Sarah Secunda and Joel Cook were awarded third place for Best Article on Labor Issues. The Indypendent was the first publication to publish a feature-length article on the 11-month strike.


    I would be happy to give a voice to the dues paying members of our local!

  5. Hi Joel;
    It would be great if you would write an article For the Indypendent. There has been postings about the administration of the NYCDCC website and The Carpenter Magazine here: http://local157.blogspot.com/2010/06/thomassen.html and on Jawin http://395h.com/ titled "Let's not forget Audra O'Donovan" Good luck!

  6. I would love to! Unfortunately, due to the great recession I now reside in Florida and will probably not come back to NY as a carpenter. Life must go on and I cannot wait for the OWL any longer. I have to formulate another plan to make it back to my home. I am about number 100 on the 157 list though. Too bad I cant see myself quitting a perfectly good job to come to NY for maybe a months worth of work.

    Truth is, I would do Audra's job with similar quality of craft only I would replace the propaganda with well thought out reporting that serves the needs of the membership, not the District Councils perverted abusive and tyrannical agenda. Hell, I could probably do her job for around half the money!

  7. Her father is John Chick Donohue, retired political and legislative director of Sandhogs Local 147.

    see: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/07/fashion/weddings/07DONO.html?scp=2&sq=Audra&st=nyt

    Chick Donohue is listed as board member of Emerald Isle Immigration Center of New York, with Brian O’Dwyer, Esq. as Chair of the Executive Comittee.

    see: http://www.eiic.org/new_who.html

  8. Audra Catherine-Marie Donohue O'Donovan is Director of Communications at NYDCC, administrator and editor for our website and The Carpenter magazine. She acted as union spokesperson, and contact for Forde, Thomasson, and Sheil.

    See: http://local157.blogspot.com/2007/11/immediate-release-to-all-union-members.html

  9. Her pay for 2009 was $108,436 AUDRA O'DONOVAN, COMMUNICATION DIR., NONE, $95,344, $0, $13,092, $0, $108,436 US DOL LM-2 NYCDCC 2009, FILE NUMBER 032-922

    see: http://franco1.info/LM-2/LM-2_NYCDCC_2009.htm

    In 2006 she married Brian M. O'Donovan, president and chief operating officer of the Hill Corporation, a real estate investment company in the Bronx.

  10. It really is a lost cause. I am not even sure why I read this website anymore. Along with my fellow dues paying brothers and sisters, I am but a disenfranchised turd stuck to the shoe worn by the likes of Audra, Mike, Pete, Frank.......


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