Thursday, November 11, 2010

Terrence Sampson v. NYC District Council of Carpenters, Michael Forde, John Holt, Local 608

The following complaint was file on October, 26 and the case was assigned to Judge Richard M. Berman, on November 8, 2010.



  1. I hope members read this closely not just to be disgusted and sickened that some rat prick could do this to a member but to also read the detailed trial procedure as dictated by the UBC Constitution,
    As your reading ask yourself when you EVER heard the Local rats get approval for one of these kangaroo trial committee decisions. Trial committees stacked with their suck ass cronies and fellow rat wanna be's. Ask yourself when you EVER had the chance to overturn the Trail Committee decision with a majority vote of the members at a meeting.Ask yourself when they EVER announced the call to trial and held it over until the next meeting. Ask yourself when you EVER had the chance to hear the 11 names or had the chance to remove three of their chosen rats.Ask your self how the could EVER restrict your attorney to be a member of the UBC and by doing so blatantly deny your right under the UNITED STATES Constitution of due process and the right to an attorney. Remember to tell these dumbass rat bastards that the declaration of Independence declares "That all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Tell them that some International,Council or Local douche bag is not going to deny or take away your rights guaranteed under the US Constitution. Tell them they can wipe their ass with the rag they call the UBC Constitution until the day they start using it to protect the members of the UBC.
    As your reading the details of the trail procedures ask your self WHEN you are going to bring Mr. Walsh to your next Local meeting and make a motion that all UBC members who were victims of these kangaroo Trail Committees have their decisions overturned,all fines and penalties voided and all expelled members reinstated.These rat bastards have NEVER conducted the Trials according to the UBC Constitution. It is clear that members rights been violated and their basics rights to due process and legal representation have been limited and denied completely. It is clear the members rights under the LMRDA have been violated.
    Perhaps you could start with Puggy and Larry and Local 157. You know how much they like being exposed for screwing the members.With their cocky attitude I am sure many 157 members have been railroaded.
    Also.Buy your tape players and turn them on.If they tell you you cannot tape tell them to try and take it away from you and to piss off. Remember NY is a one party consent state. You can secretly tape any conversation you are party to and do not have to tell them squat. You cannot secretly tape the conversation of two other people. Carefully read the laws on taping meetings and public forums. THERE IS NO UBC by law preventing taping meetings. Hey Crapo. OBLIGATION THIS!!!
    Legally they can not touch you either.New York courts do not recognize "intrusion upon seclusion" claims. So lets review. No UBC Bylaw against it.No NY Law against it except Federal Court. Tape away folks.

  2. Better not be the red k.


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