Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Empire Council Hearing Testimony

On April 26, 2010 the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America placed the Empire State Council of Carpenters under supervision. Patrick Morin was removed as EST.

Along with Morin’s removal, all labor trustees of the Empire funds were removed, and the Empire Council’s executive board was dissolved. The law firm representing the Empire Council was removed and replaced by a firm that works with the UBC.

UBC Vice President Frank Spencer was appointed supervisor and Benjamin Glenn assistant supervisor.

On March 30, the UBC held closed-door hearings at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Albany on allegations that the Empire Council unfairly burdened its upstate members with millions of dollars in investment losses stemming from Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. An investment adviser working with the Empire Council had placed money with Madoff.

The total losses to the Empire Council’s pension, annuity and health funds were estimated at more than $160 million.

Below is the exclusive testimony provided by Brother Richard Dorrough of Local 370 of the closed-door hearings.
Hearing Testimony Pages 1 -212

Hearing Testimony 397-619 End

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  1. "Frank Spencer has done nothing about the crimes still taking place at 395 Hudson street" Frank Spencer has found a way to wash his hands of the NYC problem by handing it off to the Review Officer. We will and cannot forget however that under Spencers direct supervision two Councils are now in Trusteeship with their officers accused of a variety of criminal activity. If the US Attorney is doing its job it cannot help but show up at the front Door of the Empire Council.

    How will McCarron and Spencer wiggle out of that. Our Local President hinted Monday night at our monthly meeting that many things would not be happening until AFTER the convention. McCarron wants things as quiet as possible until after he is reelected but the warning signs are there. McCarron,Spencer,Silins,Glenn and Chuck Rinaldo seated
    themselves as the New Trustees of the Empire Council welfare funds. How scary is that. How did they get around ERISA laws to do such a thing.


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