Thursday, June 3, 2010

Callahan Out - Walsh In

Judge Haight just approved the stipulation, naming Dennis Walsh the new Review Officer. Judge Haight also took himself off the case.

As a review officer, Walsh would have considerably more clout than William Callahan, the current special investigator, especially over the benefits funds.

Walsh would have unfettered access to the financial books of the union and its benefits fund. He would have authority over current and prospective office-holders and be empowered to investigate expenditures, investments, contracts, corruption and wrongdoing by officers, representatives, agents, employees, members, and trustees; and to bring disciplinary charges to said representatives.

The full "authorities, rights and powers" are set forth in the 21-page stipulation

Walsh, a partner in a White Plains law firm, worked for the state attorney general, prosecuting mobbed-up officials in the union’s Local 608.

In 2007, federal prosecutors asked Judge Haight to fire the special investigator, William Callahan, excoriating him for “incomplete and slow-moving investigations.”

Callahan prevailed, with the new appointment of Walsh, Callahan is no longer the special investigator.
2010-06-03 Order Approving RO Stipulation

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  1. YEEEE HAAAHHHH!!!  This can only be good for the honest working man!


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