Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nominations and Election of Officers Scheduled for Local 157

Updated May 8th, 4:10 PM...

Finally the Official Local 157 website has some useful information. After being dark since March, the site now reports that the Internationals supervision team has announced a “tentative” meeting schedule for Local 157, which includes nomination and election of officers.

We are informed the following is the 2008 tentative Local 157 meeting schedule:

  • May 7, informational meeting
  • July 21, nominations of executive board and delegates to the district council
  • August 18, candidates will be given an opportunity to address the membership
  • September 17, elections of officers
  • October 8, Local 157 delegated sworn in, attend their first District Council delegate meeting
  • October 20 local 157 Executive Officers sworn in and assume their positions

Nominations for Local 157 officers include: President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Conductor, Warden and Three Trustees, also Thirteen Delegate Body positions to the District Council of New York City and Vicinity of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

Members will be notified by mail, will update as more information becomes available.


  1. Will a pro-tem President be voted on by the membership at the May Meeting??

  2. Who will be sated on the podium at the May meeting. What will happen to Fordes Business Reps after the September election?? In retrospect John do you believe the elections were called due to the exposure you gave to the UBC Constitutional Issues and the Trusteeship irregularities on the 157 Blogspot. Now that it has gone this far have you experienced any negative impact for your actions. Will this satisfy the membership and will the issues raised here fade away. Will anyone be watching the Council when they pay themselves back for paying the 157 bills. Does the council now control the 157 books.

  3. by the way. Anybody looking for a good researcher?? Besides Frank Spencer I mean

  4. thank god for this web site. it's the only place to go and get any real information. it's so nice to see we are having meetings again.
    you are doing a great job johnny,

  5. Almost forgot. John. Any sign of the drafted response from Quinn. I second the great job John. I hope you are getting nominated(and elected) for President. The UBC needs Officers with guts and the backbone to say WTF!!!

  6. Seems things are moving very fast, I will have more to say later, I did speak with UBC District Rep. Mike Capelli on April 22, he informed me that UBC lawyer Brain Quinn is finishing up the answers to the constitutional questions being raised on this blog. He said I should have them this week, which I will then post.

  7. You have the right to remain silent.
    John can you post this youtube video
    While I am not asking you to take a stand one way or another nor do I advocate what the BC Carpenters have done in regards to the UBC I think the video needs to be shown. It relates to what is going on here and UBC members rights and the ability to fight back if you do so together.Listen closely as a UBC member sums it up towards the end when he states"You have the Right to remain silent"

  8. Isnt it funny John that in February Spencer was going to have answers. Than a 3 weeks to a month ago Brian Quinn was drafting a response. A week ago the Treasurer for the Jersey Local Capelli said any day. Any day now. So how much longer do we have to be lied to. Its not like we have not been patient and courteous. its not like my assessment money and dues do not pay Spencers,Quinns and Capellis salary's. It is not like Spencer giving us answers turned out to be BS. Now it seems like Quinn giving us answers is BS. It is now fact that Capelli giving us answers in a couple of days is BS because after all it is the 25th,26th Saturday and 27th Sunday so no answers before the 27th if any. Just for the record Mr Capelli that is 7 days and counting. I hope as Treasurer you dont use any "Couple" equations when doing the Local books because apparently you have difficulty counting in the "Couple" area.

    I hope Mr Spencer,Mr Quinn and Mr. Capelli realizes that the membership they work for will not tolerate BS and I can assure you we are tired of waiting. Things are changing boys. With the internet we are able to reach and educate more members. We are able to reach out and organize more members. We are able to reach out and expose more dirty deeds like you tried to pull here at Local 157. This is only the start so you go ahead and keep pissing us off and sleep tight. More and more members are finding out about the LMRDA which for many years the UBC fought so hard to avoid. More and more members are being versed in the UBC Constitution. More and more members are reading LM2s and personal LM30s. More more members are looking at entire District Councils playing golf in Hollywood Florida for a week at members expense while members struggle to feed their family's. Look how easy it is for members to find the NLRB,DOL,EBSA and News Reporters online. And the most important part is for you to look around you and see more and more Carpenters that are much smarter than you. So you go ahead and keep pissing us off. By the way as far as I am concerned no drafted response will be considered legitimate without Quinns signature on it.

    All anybody has asked for here is the rights the members of Local 157 and thereby all UBC members are guaranteed by the LMRDA and UBC Constitution. The lack of response by Spencer and now Quinn is a shining example, in a rather large and very PUBLIC Forum, of the disdain in which the UBC so obviously holds it members. Your attitudes and opinions are made clear by your inaction.It is obvious that you feel you have no obligation to respond in a timely manner when requested to do so by the membership who pay your salary and who you took an oath to serve. I am sure you are familiar with the concept of fiduciary duty.It is interesting that 157 Officers were removed under Section 51(6) for Defrauding the Unite Brotherhood. I am sure Mr Spencer and Forde are aware that 51(6) also make it illegal to defraud ANY subordinate body such as Local 157?? Possibly not since they have to turn to Mr Quinn to interpret the Constitution for them.Perhaps Mr Quinn can gives us his expertise for 51(13) and enlighten us as to what acts qualify as a Violation of the Obligation" I wonder if President McCarron has congratulated Mr Quinn and his legal firm for the resounding beating they took in BC with the CMAW. Have we calculated the loss of per capita,credibility,legal fees and Brotherhood the UBC took in that fiasco.I wonder if President McCarron could provide us with a dollar figure. That could buy the membership quite a few light bulbs.Isnt the Internet a wonderful thing

  9. I promise to abide by the Constitution and Laws-and the will of the majority-observe the By Laws and Trade Rules-established by Local Unions and Councils-affiliated with the United Brotherhood

  10. Rather interesting turn of events. While following the some money that was passed back and forth between the Empire Council and Local 1042 President Ron Kent low and behold whose name did I find. The Empire Council moved against a Local in Glens Falls NY. The President was illegally fired as well as other officers. The only ones that remained were the ones who rated out their fellow members. Terry Middleton and Lenny whatever his name was. After 18 months of Trusteeship they dissolved the local because they told the IRS it was not a viable local. The split up the assets of 1 Million between Local 370 and the newly charted local 1042. The charter was handed to Ronald Kent who with Steve Flynn District Rep,Ben Glenn District Rep and by god"MIKE CAPELLI" of Jersey?? were the supervision team(somehow).

    If the Local was not viable than why was a local rechartered in the same spot using the same address with half of the same members. Though the other half of the members were said to be put in Local 370 the Empire Council continued to pretend the Local 229 was still open and even answered the phone as Local 229 for another 2 years. They also ran a 229 apprenticeship fund until last year to train the imaginary local 229 members. The EBSA asked a few questions and they closed it last year.I guess they were only viable if the name was changed from Local 229 to Local 1042.The split of their assets was 50/50 . Funny thing is that Kent handed back over 206,000 to the Empire Council. The Empire Council slid $200.000 of the money back to Kent the following year. While Mr Capelli and Mr Flynn were setting Local 229 up for the kill it is said that they had some rather nice weekends at the Gideon Putnam Hotel so they could" Discuss the Future and the Supervision of Local 229. They also seemed to discuss the 229 future at the Saratoga Race Course.
    So is our Mr Capelli a professional trusteeship babysitter. A lot of funny things happened on the way to the destruction of Local 229,their health fund and their pension fund. Perhaps if Local 229 had a blogspot where UBC memebers asked the questions we did than they might have had a fighting chance

  11. They would have dissolve local 157 if they weren’t afraid of a massive rebellion New York is not like any small town and I’d like to think that we are little sharper than your average Joe. But we also have a council that is trumped up with some crude lawyers. Members don’t be afraid to just ask a question John is no super hero he needs a voice. And the voice is YOU THE NEW YORK CARPENTERS

  12. John,
    You are strangely silent and absent from the Local 157 blogspot. Have you heard from Quinn. Do you have the drafted response. If you cannot post anymore it is understandable but can you at least say goodbye.Pick a reason

    1. You bend offended by our postings

    2. You feel further exposing Spencer and Forde is not good for the 157 membership.

    3. You have been forced to back off.

    4. Your busy.

    5. You have lost that loving feeling. Whoa.Whoa. Whoa. Ba Dum Ba Dum Ba Dum.

    Also. I am curious. You have never have said Thank you.Have they convinced you that they really were going to hold elections and they were just kidding when the Council tried to install Officers in 157, stuck their fingers in the 157 books and accounts,ignored the LMRDA and UBC Constitution and in general conspired to screw the 157 membership.

  13. (Bend) "have been" sorry I wanted the Council to be able to read it.

  14. To Anonymous, As of today still no sign of the drafted response, no word from UBC Lawyer Brian Quinn, VP Spencer or Rep. Mike Capelli…i pick # 4…Thanks

  15. Thank god. I was so worried it was number 5

  16. OH MY GOD.......Spencer has just proven once again that he has no idea what is going on in local 157. He would not let anyone talk tonight because he has no answers..

  17. did you see that pic!! what in the world is wrong with guy forde is drunk again!!!!!

  18. Local 157 memberMay 8, 2008 at 10:22 PM

    Can we as members sign a patition and bring spencer up on charges with the DOL.Or maybe we have to have a rally at the District Council.


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