Monday, April 7, 2008

UBC Carpenters Video Release: Globalization, Who's Next?

From Joe's Union Review

"It's not Mexican, or Chinese, or Indian workers who are causing American workers problems, it's the wealthy and political elites who are using Globalization to reap more profits by driving down wages and benefits"- from video

Released by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Part 1 of 2

This is a must view for anyone in the construction industry who believes that they aren't affected by the wave of Globalization.

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  1. Let's not forget the rest of the story, which isn't linked to :( <-sad Joe:

    from Joe's Union Review

    It's not too late to sway this, you have to get involved. Say no to the Colombian Free trade Agreement
    Act Now! Click Here!!

    I commend the Carpenters for bringing this out to the public. too many times people and politicians skirt around the facts


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