Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NYC Orders Inspectors On Construction Sites When Cranes Raised

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City officials have told contractors that they can't raise or lower large cranes at construction sites unless a buildings inspector is there.

Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster said the inspector must be on the site to ensure the crane is being operated safely. She also said engineers who design the cranes will have to inspect them before they are raised or lowered.

The department has already begun inspecting about 30 tower cranes in the city after the March 15 crane collapse that killed seven people.

Contractors building a 46-story condominium in midtown Manhattan were trying to lengthen the crane — a process known as jumping — when a steel support for it broke. The crane demolished a four-story town house and damaged several other buildings.


  1. Wow, Not Just NYC !

    Crane Problems Everywhere...

    Check It Out, Gtreat Story !


  2. How about when they jump the outside elevator hoist.
    New York City DOB is a joke.
    300 firemen and 150 cops in the street after the crane falls.
    How about 300 inspectors on the job the day before.
    Hopefully the next mayor will his or her act together.
    The building trades have to get there soon to be retired workers into the ranks of DOB inspectors.

    Work Safe & keep pushing the politicans.


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