Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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The troubled Trump SoHo condo-hotel construction project was slapped with its second stop-work order when a hoisting device broke free and shattered glass on three floors due to high winds Saturday night, officials said yesterday.

About a dozen glass windows on northern side of the building at 246 Spring St. were cracked.

City officials ordered work stopped on the luxury project Jan. 14 after a construction worker fell 40 stories to his death.

The Buildings Department had allowed work to resume on Feb. 24.

Regarding the latest accident, the department said that contractor Bovis Lend Lease will install protective netting between Floors 20 and 24, after which it will be allowed to remove the cracked glass.

The Trump Organization and its partners issued a statement saying that they "rely on the knowledge and expertise of our general contractor to take all necessary steps to properly oversee job-site construction."

A Bovis spokeswoman, Mary Costello, said yesterday that "after a large wind gust last night, Bovis personnel on duty at the project immediately inspected the site and identified a few broken panes of glass."

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  1. A window breaks on a union job and they shut it down. A worker gets killed on a non union job and they just keep on working.
    With term limits in New York City, all the pols are looking to make friends with labor.
    Keep it simple with them.
    On all levesl, the feds, the state and the city. We have a lot of great laws on the books but no will to pay the price of enforcement. So keep it simple when they (the pols) come around smiling.

    Work safe.


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