Friday, January 25, 2008

Update On Local 157 Supervision

By Patrick Brennan

There will be a new newsletter mailed out to the membership in the next two weeks reporting on the finances of local 157 and the status of the supervision. There will also be a new website set up were members will be able to ask questions. The local should resume normal regular meetings in a few months. The local’s clerical staff is being trained on up to date procedures in accounting. We also will be remodeling local 157’s headquarters. General President Doug McCarron will appoint a new Executive Board and Delegate Body. The district council will be holding interviews to fill the vacated positions of local 157. The hiring opportunity will go out to the general membership. We welcome your continued support and appreciate your patients.

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  1. Are we going to have our election as scheduled in september.

  2. Yes Marsha, after the new executive board is installed normal local 157 elections will take place as scheduled. When I have more information I will let you know.

  3. Pat, thanks for the info keep up the good job. I was at the local this week and no one knows anything. I asked when are we going to start having meetings and I get no answers…this is Bullshit.

  4. Thank you Patrick for the update.

    From whom and/or how did you get the information? Are you certain that it is accurate?

    Who will be preparing the newsletter? Who will the contributors be? In addition to the very important Local 157 financial information, what other information may be included in the newsletter, if any?

    When will the DC begin interviewing? Or, have they already begun? Who should be contacted to arrange an interview? Who will be doing the interviewing?

    Who are the "we" in "We also will be remolding local 157’s headquarters"? Will it be Local 157 member volunteers and/or will it be contracted-out to a (union!) company or companies? When will the remodeling begin/end? What work is to be done? What is the projected cost? By whom will the remodeling be paid and how?

    Will the current 157 website URL continue to be used or has a new address been selected? Who will be working on the website? When is the new/renovated website scheduled to be available?

    Have there been any changes as to who currently are representing Local 157? Just to verify, currently who exactly is representing Local 157 and what are their positions/titles?

    Lastly, I thought that Local Delegates were supposed to be “democratically elected” and “chosen by the rank and file” [NYCDCC By-Laws, Powers - Section 3]. If any one knows where it is stated that Local Delegates can be appointed by the General President or any other person or persons, please state where this information can be found. Thank you.

  5. Daniel, thank you for your post. Let me answer your question about local delegates being elected.

    On November 26, 2007 General President McCarron placed local 157 under supervision and granted Eastern District Frank Spencer full supervisory authority over Local 157. Under the UBC Constitution Section 10(h, m) he has the power to assume and exercise full and complete authority over the conduct of Local 157, which would include the authority to enforce collective bargaining agreements, the authority to administer all of the locals assets, the authority to appoint conduct and cancel meetings, the authority to remove and hire any and all offices, delegates, stewards and employees.

    Under the UBC Constitution Section 10 General President McCarron will appoint new officers to local 157 and normal democratic elections will take place as schedule.


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