Thursday, December 20, 2007

Local 157 Has A Day of Reckoning At Hearing

On an extraordinary day of words and images, a three member UBC Hearing Committee and Local 157 members heard testimony on Tuesday from UBC leaders, Independent Investigator, and many rank and file members about the conduct of three local 157 business representatives and why the action to place the local under supervision was necessary.

After an introduction of the UBC committee members, we heard testimony from Eastern District VP Frank Spencer who told committee members, the action to place local 157 under supervision was fully justified.

Mr. Spencer said that Local 157’s business representatives were not performing their jobs, their was a lack of leadership and characterized the appearance of local 157’s headquarters as atrocious.

Up next was Independent Investigator, Bill Callahan, who the help of a slide show presentation described the allegations against the business representatives and stated that the “local is a mismanaged mess due to a lack of leadership from a absentee business manager and that only 2 of the B/A's filed the required (Business Agent Activity) reports, which are required to be filled out by all B/A's weekly.”

The evidence against President and business manager Bill Hanley, Vice President/ business representative George Dilacio, Financial Secretary/business representative Fred Kennedy and Trustee/business representative Danny Demorato was in the form of cell-phone and attendance records that showed the business representatives had numerous unaccounted for days off and left work early, instead of working the streets of Manhattan's East Side, where they were suppose to be.

Many Local 157 members who testified reacted to the allegations against the business representatives with shock and dismay saying “the B/A's do a wonderful job and were always there helping members at any given time” brother after brother said.

Local 157 brothers and sisters spent all afternoon and evening telling the committee how the business representatives “always checked jobs”, “the guys were always there”, ”they were doing a great job”, “all stand up men”, “very professional”, " I can call the B/A's morning ,noon and night", “honor to work with such men”, "the B/A's were at the locals offices before 6 a.m. every morning, handling inquiries and making calls to contractors”.

Members also testified at times very loudly and raised questions why only Local 157's officers were scrutinized about their attendance and cell phone records.

"Did they check any other locals to see where their officers are all day?” one brother asked.

“This is a witch hunt against local 157”, “it’s a rail road job”, “ we see a pattern of the west side taking over Manhattan and this is all political”, "they even took local 157 out of the Carpenter magazine" said several members.

The hearing committee will review all the testimony and evidence and make a report and recommendation to the UBC General Executive Board for final determination.

Below is the transcript of the hearings:





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  1. Is it true Billy had over 50 unaccounted for days off with pay?


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