Monday, November 26, 2007

Local 157 Under Temporary Supervision

Latest Update: I went to the local Monday morning, here's what happened. President and business manager Bill Hanley, Vice President/ business representative George Dilacio and Financial Secretary/business representative Fred Kennedy have resigned. Trustee/business representative Danny Demorato has been reassigned to work in another area. The local was placed under an emergency supervision by General President Douglas McCarron. Eastern District Vice President, Frank Spencer has been appointed to temporarily oversee the supervision of Local 157.

NYC District Council EST Michael Forde, has appointed council organizers Rambo Ibric and Anthony Puglise as temporary business representatives and Lawrence D’Errico has been named business manager.

All schedule local 157 meeting have been suspended, the annual Christmas party has been canceled. The district council has mailed a letter to all members explaining the supervision. Will update as more information becomes available.

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  1. What happen to Danny, was he suspended?

  2. when are we getting this letter, its been over a week?

  3. John, anymore info on this supervision? Also I still have not received any letter from the district council.

  4. I called the local today, they dont know when this letter is going out...what kind of supervision is this?

  5. What a sad day. I hear nothing for two weeks. Get an empty envelope in the mail yesterday and get this sad news today. The grinch that stole Christmas.
    I guess we were getting too popular? At the last meeting there was no indication of this devistation occuring. Sad...

  6. Q. how long can temporary supervision last?
    A. how long will McCarron be GP?


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