Saturday, November 24, 2007

Carpenters International President Doug McCarron Endorses John Edwards

Brothers and sisters in cased you missed it, John Edwards receives the endorsement of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America in Nashua, N.H. on September 8, 2007. Hear International President Douglas J. McCarron introduce and endorse him.

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  1. Oh yeah - Edwards gets it all right...after hours while cheating on his wife..He gets it alright!!

    If you don't stand for something - you'll fall for anything.

    Did ya see the look on Erlich & Spencers face when he discussed Pension Reform for Exec's equalling that of the worker & no more (Boy were they disgusted...go figure, with triple dip Pensions an all)

    Did ya note how Edwards was for Obamacare before Obama was for Obamacare, well now ya got it & no opt out provision for the UBCJA (NICE NEGOTIATING DOUG)

    Did ya note how Edwards was for EFCA & Card Check. (translation, we really support illegal aliens, foreign nationals, cash workers, cheap labor & grading wages) re: The LCD of their collective Braintrust, which is at or slightly below Gump, re: far easier to screw over then, more money to steal from the Trust Funds.

    Looks like the chimp & Doug will be evaluating EFCA real soon with Amalgamated - just saying, they were for it, before they were against it, now it's gonna be used against them.

    We got it too Doug - whom ever you pick/endorse, choose the other Candidate.

    Somebody call the DIRECTOR of STRAPPING, we gotta start building 12-Million OBAMA 2012 Signs, you know, so ya can all do your Mandatory Union Participation requirement of get Fined $500...MANDATORY THIS DOUG!

    Afterall, Douggie wants, Douggie gets right? Oh wait, he just lost in NYC, that's right. Anyone ever say NO to DOUG....well yeah - NYC just did....sorry Ted Kennedy


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