Sunday, March 29, 2015

Meet the Independent Monitor–– GLEN MCGORTY

Glen G McCorty
Dear Members of the District Council and its Benefit Funds,

It is a great honor to be appointed as your Independent Monitor. First and foremost, I am committed to approaching this position with diligence and respect. The District Council and its Benefit Funds have a tumultuous past, but the core mission runs deep. Every interaction I have had with its Brothers and Sisters has shown me that you are here to support each other, and that you will hold the District Council and its Benefit Funds accountable to that purpose. I will aid you in this endeavor, drawing on my experience of nearly fifteen years as a federal prosecutor, during which I prosecuted organized crime, fraud, and corruption of every sort.

I come to the Council at a time when the most visible forms of corruption have been abolished. However, this success required the decisive action of both the District Court and United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York and its appointed Monitors. Great progress has been made in adopting policies that guard against corruption, and I firmly believe that it is now time for the District Council and the Benefit Funds to assume a greater role in holding itself up to the admirable standards set forth in the UBC Constitution.

I will work with the leadership of the Council and the Funds to ensure that all improvements to its operations going forward benefit members in a fair, effective, and compliant way. And while my approach to this job will be one of teamwork and cooperation, make no mistake that I am here for a single purpose: to ensure this union remains free of the problems which have plagued its past. As a result, I will not tolerate corruption at any level of this organization and I intend to use the powers given to me by the District Court to prioritize this goal above all others.

I do not believe my time here, however, is indefinite. On the contrary, during my tenure I hope to oversee the strengthening of the governing framework to the point where a monitor is no longer necessary. Self-governance cannot be achieved without your involvement. This Council’s democratic system of governance depends on it, and corruption can rebound all too easily amid disinterest.

I urge you to stay educated about the issues facing the District Council and its Benefit Funds and to use your voice and your vote in an informed and reasoned way. I also urge you to use both the Independent Monitor Hotline (877-712-4896) and internal lines of reporting, if you have any concerns about corrupt practices. This union has a bright future, and I look forward to assisting in any way I can to get it there.

Respectfully, Glen G. McGorty


  1. I googled his name and discovered among the many pictures attached to his, was one of Doug McCarron. Does this mean they know each other from the past? Can and will he look into whether or not Mr. McCarron is making, or has made decisions that is detrimental to nydcc members?
    I wish Glen the best in his pursuit of exposing corruption and non-accountability of funds in the benefits. May he uphold the oath he took for honesty and justice to prevail where he finds it does not exist.

    1. Nice one - there is so much more to this an we are only just scratching the surface.

  2. Bill Kane Hi Mr McGorty I hope you make good on your promise to eradicate institutional corruption which still exists in the leadership. It is deeply entrenched with the executive committee which consists of Mike Forde yes men and new faces beholden to corrupt trustees. I hope you can help the goal of true democracy flourish which never has in this council even during Mr Walsh's tenure. Mr walsh was informed of many violations and choose to feign ignorance so he could walk out claiming success with millions of our dollars in his account. All one has to think about Mr Walsh is that his boss was Kenneth Conboy whom during his tenure let an incredible amount of corruption flourish. Mr Conboy is now an employee of the International along with Paschak McGuinness the est whos tenure brought about the consent decree . So lets see you bring back Mack and let the bodies hit the floor ill have that democracy with an order of real representation now Thank you Sir.

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  5. Thanks for sharing. Goodluck

  6. If you truly are an independent monitor, then we should hear what you found when you looked into the financial moves done by Doug McCarron. Then find out how he controls the delegates that represent the membership. Please do not take our money and just give us reports that everything is looking good. We've had that, and it was not in OUR best interest! How about a comment from you?

  7. Keep all benefits strong for all members and hopefully improved with better long te rm results.

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