Tuesday, November 25, 2014

U.S. v. D.C. Transcript of 11.19.14 Court Conference

THE COURT: I originally thought it was a good idea to meet the staff as it were. I didn't realize at the time how big the staff was. They are certainly welcome. What I thought I would do -- I have gotten your helpful agenda in terms of talking to people -- is use your agenda. So, for example, Mr. Geiger, we'll start with you. I have a couple of questions. I have read everybody's affidavit. If there is some gist or point that each of you wishes to make, do that first. I am happy to hear it. Just that. So how about Mr. Geiger, who is the executive secretary treasurer of the District Council. Nice to meet you. I think we met before.


  1. MR. GEIGER: That's correct. I took over in 15 February 2014. I took over for the last year of Mike Bolo, who 16 had been vetoed. I fulfilled the last year of his term. 17 Fortunately this December I will be running unopposed. 18 THE COURT: That was going to be my next question. 19 MR. GEIGER: Myself and the vice-president is running 20 unopposed. We do have an election for the president spot. 21 THE COURT: Who is unopposed. 22 MR. GEIGER: Myself and Mike Cavna, who is the 23 vice-president of District Council, and the trustees and 24 conductor are running unopposed. We have an election for the 25 president position.


  2. So I just would like to say I think we're definitely 18 going in the right direction. We had a couple devastating 19 curveballs thrown at us, an arbitration with the NWA, which is 20 tremendous, a whole new electronic reporting process with 21 millions of dollars of devices and training shop stewards and 22 that seems to be working.

    Yeah the Magic Stewie Wand - unproven technology & still no forensic Audit, Millions wasted; yee ha for the vendor & device mfg. but still devoid of any tangible results.

  3. MR. DANIELSON: I've been a member of Local 257 in 10 1981. So I've been a member of the Carpenters Union. I am a 11 third generation carpenter. My father and grandfather are also 12 carpenters. In 1995 I became the elected financial secretary 13 of Carpenters Local at 257. In 1996 the District Council was 14 taken over by the international. I was recruited to work up at 15 the District Council at that point. I was pulled out of local. 16 We went through mergers of various locals. That is when Judge 17 Convoy was the review officer at that point. He centralized 18 the out-of-work list to the District Council for I think 11 19 locals at that point. I became in 1997 the supervisor of that 20 out-of-work centralized work list. At that point then Judge 21 Convoy left in 2000. We had an election. Then we were back on 22 our own. 23 THE COURT: When did Walter Mack come in? 24 MR. DANIELSON: I will get to that.

    WHAT A DIP SH-IT, ZERO RESPECT FOR THE JUDGE - Your Inspector General, Beam me Up Scotty Danielson

  4. THE COURT: When you investigate, what do you do? 25 Interview? Interviews? SOUTHERN DISTRICT REPORTERS, P.C. (212) 805-0300

    20 Ebi6usah 1 MR. DANIELSON: They will do interviews, field 2 interviews. We also have informal interview process where we 3 send out summons to the member to come down do District Council 4 after working hours and we bring them in an interview room and 5 we have a process. We take sworn statements in that process 6 and we use those to where they can file grievance against 7 companies or for us to file an investigation for internal 8 charges. 9 THE COURT: If you take the next step, who does that 10 with you? Does Mr. Walsh or will it be Mr. McGorty? 11 MR. DANIELSON: It is a two-prong process. We do a 12 lot of stuff internally. I have worked with Dennis Walsh. 13 Anything that arises to the occasion of high-level corruption 14 or organized crime, I always made the referral to Dennis. In 15 some cases Dennis did it on his own and sometimes we did some 16 together to a point. Right now if there is any internal union 17 charges, I or my staff filed union charges and put it through 18 our own system -- 19 THE COURT: What is that system? 20 MR. DANIELSON: The trial committee.

    Another illiterate baboon akin to Geiger. Which one is the most ignorant? - NFL, you make the call!


    OPERATION WOOFY-WOOF, What a fcking joke. Taking a bite out of crime are ya? 11-Full Time positions, pissing money away every day & so-par timers on top of that - so where are the tangible results? Show us the actual numbers, hard cold facts vs. the illiterate babbling before the court

    Exactly how many companies have been charged with de-frauding the men or the Benefit Trust Funds? How much dough was recouped w/o the Benefit Trust Funds or their Attorneys cutting side deals for 10-cents on the dollar & no criminal or civil charges? Where's the beef Scotty?

  5. THE COURT: As an executive director of the fund, what 15 does that mean exactly? You don't invest the money? 16 MR. TIERNEY: No, absolutely not. My job is to make 17 sure that the decisions made by the board of trustees are 18 implemented at the benefit fund office. The trustees are the 19 plan administrators responsible for deciding what provisions 20 the plan will be implementing. Change things like that. It is 21 my job is to take it back to the benefit fund office and 22 implement that strategy going forward. 23 THE COURT: Who is responsible to make sure all the 24 money that is supposed to be coming into the fund actually does 25 come in? I am not talking about investments.

    Finally - the nuts & bolts of discussing the other part of your wages - benefits which are required to be paid each & every week with your Weekly Pay Check. The only problem here is Judge Berman is 3-Years Late asking the question.

  6. MR. TIERNEY: Contributions. 2 THE COURT: Right. 3 MR. TIERNEY: So our organizational chart has been 4 restructured into two main components. One is member services 5 and how we take it to the plan participants with regard to 6 their benefits. The other major component services and that -- 7 THE COURT: Go back a couple sentences. 8 MR. TIERNEY: So the organization has been 9 restructured. There are two main components. Members services 10 is required to help the participants with their benefits and 11 the employer services, which handle the contributions that are 12 coming into their funds, the audits of those contributions to 13 make sure that the dollars are coming in and where it is 14 supposed to be. So I think this will be a perfect time for me 15 to give you an example of how the board of trustees, the review 16 officer, the District Council and the benefit fund office work 17 together to improve that process. We're going live on 18 December 1st with a new shop steward variance reporting 19 project. This allows us through the use of technology on the 20 benefit fund side and also on the District Council's side with 21 shop steward reporting to actually pare down the period of time 22 when we discover discrepancy from two and a half months to 23 three weeks. I think that is a shining example of the action 24 of the board of trustees to work with review officer and 25 working together with the District Council to make that happen.

    pg. 33/53 WOW MAN, from 2-1/2 Months to 3-Weeks. Get something straight dumb a-sses; the benefits; all of them are required to be paid each & every week with the members Weekly Pay Check, not 2-1/2 months later, not 3-weeks or 6-months later ( or not at at all or at reduced rates of .10, .25 or 50-cents on the dollar); rather, with the Man or Woman's Weekly Pay Check!!

    Everything past that is fcking late & interest must accrue on every dime owed. This blatant failure to enforce the contracts & allow the DOO, IG, RO, EST & Executive Board to cut side deals is the core cause to the theft & embezzlement by & btwn. fund administrators, corrupt trustees & corrupt contractors & their respective associations.

    Anyone missing this point & trying to bull sh-it the Judge should be summarily fired - pronto!

  7. Tell us a Story in Dog Mr. Operation Woofy-Woof! Tell us again how you incompetent boobs are no taking a bite out of crime & why you are still cutting side deals by & through corrupt benefit trust fund attorneys who are in bed w/ plan administrators, corrupt contractors & trustees.

    Your ineptitude in this regard has cost the rank & file members tens of millions of dollars in lost payments & interest to all of their accounts. Annuity monies not invested each week when due & payable impact the future value (FV) of every members individual account & none of you a-ss clowns have any business allowing anyone to pay late.

    The fact is up until this point of said Transcript, everyone on the stage before Judge Berman was there for an a-ss kissing & everyone of you was so busy praising the other guy & hoping your job or dept. is not eliminated - you all forgot the task at hand - collecting the money owed & providing Judge Berman with tangible proof of your actual job performance via forensic audit (no other method is acceptable to the rank & file).

    Judge Berman - it's high time you demanded true accountability. Seriously, it's torture to have to read through & decipher this fcking jibberish & by now you have to feel the same way. The D.C. has a bunch of illiterate baboons none of whom are responsible for anything in highly compensated executive roles. None of them are accountable and none of them would garner any where near the monies in pay, benefits & perks in the private sector as they do down at 395 Hudson St. (hence the sucking up to you).

    Your holding their hand & not demanding actual performance via private sector standards is now becoming a part of the problem in the continued defrauding of members. Where are the Forensic Audits? Why have you failed to order them to produce one to date?

    You handed them 100% Full Mobility & have allowed the RO & DC to piss away millions on the electronic devices & have also allowed the DC to sign PLA's all of which screw the members & for near 3-years, no forensic audit. Talk about corruption - right?

  8. People are especially
    19 committed to the funds due to some policy changes. We now
    20 internally post jobs. There is a lot of room for personal
    21 advancement within the fund. The trustees have committed to a
    22 training environment where we are continuously giving training
    23 to the employees and one thing that I think is particularly
    24 significant is that Ryk Tierney is a certified benefits
    25 specialist and he is able to teach a program that comes out of


    46 Ebi6usah

    1 the Wharton School of Business and the trustees authorized him
    2 to teach it to all the employees of the benefit fund and I
    3 believe we have 36 people, including myself, who are now
    4 pursuing a degree from the Wharton School of Business. I think
    5 that is a phenomenal accomplishment and has changed our
    6 employees from being mere employees to stakeholders in the
    7 business.

    Great - So Ms. Block & Ryk Tierney are sucking up to Judge Berman with the above b.s., but conveniently left out the part of exactly who is paying for these 36 advanced Degrees from Wharton.

    The Wharton School of Business costs $97,542 per year.

    36 advanced Degrees @ Wharton = $3,511,512.00 dollars per year; that's $3.512 M ladies. so where is the fcking audit for this expense? Who is paying? Obviously, it is not the employees & there should be a strict accounting here and some internal firings for screwing the rank & file members yet again! Thanks Dennis........

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