Friday, October 3, 2014

Mike McCarron and the Bloom law firm fight for the Rank & File

Mike McMarron
A new website has been created to discuss and expose the ongoing persecution of UBC union member Mike McCarron. It was created to detail his battle to fight back against the tyrannical practices of the present leadership of the UBC. Click here or visit to find out the truth about our United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Mike's fight.


  1. Me Me Me, Nowhere do I see the UBC members mentioned as effected parties. Fuck you Mike McCarron ( and u 2 Doug). Mike McCarron is so out of control looking to save his own ass that he parses words by saying members are being denied democracy.

    Mike McCarron didn't give a shit about your rights by condoning his brothers maniacal campaign for power.

  2. First I am sure you meant affected not effected. All member are affected by the very things challenged in the lawsuit itself. I am sure you did not "see it" because I am also sure you never read any of it. But let me help you.
    All members who have been persecuted by the 14D system which UBC International low life’s like Spencer,Draper,or a Newkirk use to wage personal vendettas against members who expose their dirty dealings such as Meetings in Hawaii with $10,000 First Class airfare, 21 nights at the Riviera with $300 Harbaugh fruit baskets each time paid for by the UBC and two suites as well as 11 hotel rooms at the Hilton for opening week of the Saratoga Flat Track.
    All members who have been affected as victims of the UBC kangaroo trial system. Denied due process, denied disclosure to defend themselves as guaranteed by Federal Law denied the right to an attorney by the absurd requirement that the lawyer be a member of the UBC making it impossible. You cant even get Carpenters to join the UBC let alone lawyers. Despite allowing every person who walks of the street membership to fill the ever declining UBC membership losses the UBC denied a lawyer who did try to join the UBC because that lawyer was to defend a UBC member named Mike McCarron.

    All members have been affected who as victims of those UBC Kangaroo Section 52 or 14d procedures had to sit and be slandered and defamed because UBC cronies like a fat toad such as Draper can sit there and lie his ass of with no burden of proof. Or some UBC punk like Dan McDonald can tamper with a witness or slander and defame a member at a meeting with no burden of proof. Yet now when these UBC punks who are put in a real court in front of a real Judge to account for their actions the person who put them there is "out of control".

    Out of control for forcing a Douglas McCarron, a Newkirk, a Draper and others just like them to be Judged in the real world so that they will think twice before they affect another member. Out of control for seeing to it they are put in front of a Judge who may see to it they never have the chance to affect another member. Out of control for hiring a real lawyer. Out of control for filing a real lawsuit in a real court. Out of control for forcing those with a long well documented history of harassment, intimidation and abuse of their own membership and 25 years US Attorney alleged corruption to be Judged by a real court.. The Mike Fordes did not stay in Office without the help of the UBC International and these dirt bags. Out of control for suing these UBC low life’s personally. By the filing of this lawsuit, win, lose or draw, it is exposing that dirty nasty slimy corrupt worm that is the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. A victory for all members. Hardly Out of Control.
    All members are affected because many of them, and the numbers are ever increasing, have been victims of the UBC International or a Council each of them, engaging in a conspiracy to defame them, to ruin their reputation, to deprive them of their livelihood, to wrongfully terminate them, to oust them from their occupation and strip them of their rank. Brother Kevin Andrew Price has been blackballed and his livelihood severely diminished over a bumper sticker. But it was beyond that . He would not agree to support the raiding policies of one Doug McCarron . But his most heinous crime., He told some little council weasel faced art with his UBC name tag and the IQ of a gnat no. How dare he. And Brother Price last I heard was going to lose his family’s home.

    1. All members are affected because while they are limited to 39 hours a month and risk attack and loss of their pension as they try to just survive their International leader had his lawyer ,the DeCarlo & Shanley firm, crafting and causing the implementation of Special Amendment #2 which carved out a special exemption for Douglas McCarron to collect his pension while he was still employed. Mike McCarron is “out of control” objecting to this and for exposing this which can result in many members fighting off attacks against their pensions. Douglas Mccaron and the UBC have cut members benefits and in the case of over 500 New York City members stole the benefits completely so they could use this fund money for their possibly illegal loan program. This in violation of their fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the funds on which the are trustees. Mike McCarron objected to this and by this lawsuit is exposing this in Federal District Court . How many members benefits could be restored if the UBC International, Douglas Mccarron, John Decarlo and Ed Durkin were NOT allowed to take this money and it was made available for members benefits as it was designed to be for. How many members would be “affected” by restoring their benefits.
      We could go on and on but what IS CLEAR that members most certainly would not only benefit but be affected by a victory in this case. Yet you would deny it because his name is McCarron .You rule him out of control for obtaining a legitimate and powerfull attorney to file in front a real Judge and expose this corruption and by its eradication serve every member. You claimed Mike McCarron was condoning his brothers maniacal campaign for power. Yet since it has been proven that the original charges and many of the secondary charges against him are complete BS and fabrications WHAT was Mike doing that resulted in this persecution.
      In fact it was not only Mike that was fired and removed. There are many others who were fired for NOT CONDONING the actions of Doug McCarron.. Ron Shouen the fund administrator who gathered trustee support and got the Southwest Pension fund out of the Separate J loan program was fired and removed. Ron Schoen who with Mike McCarron and others questioned investments directed at their fund has been removed. There is a list. Justin Weidner Mike McCarrons second in command at the council was removed and moved up to the International to serve Doug McCarron. At the Trusteeship hearing Justin Weidner sat and allowed Mike Draper to dictate his testimony to him. Read it yourself. Justin Weider was not asked questions . Justin Weidner each time verified statements made by Mike Draper. Statements that later at the hearing Justin Weidner confirmed were false. It was in fact Justin Weidner whose signature was where Mike Draper claimed Mike McCarrons was on many of the leases . Dan McDonald lowly Local 1506 recording Sec is on audio tape tampering with a witness. The transcript of this witness tampering audio not only reveals Dan McDonalds ignorance but reveals the sheer vulgarity of his character. Go find out where this morally offensive and clearly ignorant person is now .

    2. You claim Mike McCarron was condoning the behavior on Douglas McCarron. Based on what. Because his last name was Mccarron. Not a single scam and fraud that involved Douglas McCarron including ULLICO, Zenith Administrators, PB Capital or being on the Board of Tutor Perrini has the name of Mike Mccarron attached to them. Supporting and keeping in office Mike Forde and others like him in NYC did not include the name on Mike McCarron. Making a person under House arrest and still under probation named Loyd Martin a fund Trustee and assistant fund administrator in New York was not done by Mike McCarron. Allowing alleged connected Joseph Oliveri to be a Trustee in NYC and Chairman of the Empire Council Welfare Fund. No name of Mike McCarron. It was Frank Spencer who REFUSED to investigate to see what if anything Oliveri took from the Empire Funds . No Mike McCarron.
      The fact is Mike McCarron had as much chance to stop the actions of the Tyrant Douglas McCarron as you or any other member. To say he condoned Doug McCarrons actions because they had the same last name is BS. It was not the McCarrons show in the UBC land of Oz. It was the Doug McCarron show . It was not Mike McCarron who sat at the right hand of the “Man Who Would be King” .The man behind the curtain of UBC OZ. It was first and foremost John Decarlo. Then came the Silins, Banes, Draper, Newkirk and the others in this group of UBC misfits and carpetbaggers. But let us not forget YOU. By the payment of your dues, per capita tax, assessments and homage it is YOU who condones the Doug Mccarron maniacal campaign for power. I would bet we will not find a single NLRB,ERISA,DOL, LMRDA complaint or court filing with your name on it. Judging by your post you have not bothered to educate yourself or gather ANY information before you spoke. It is CLEARLY YOU by your willful financial support. You by your choice to be uninformed. YOU by your decisions to do nothing who condone the maniacal Tyrant that is Doug McCarron .

    3. You claim Mike McCarron was condoning the behavior on Douglas McCarron. Based on what. Because his last name was Mccarron. Not a single scam and fraud that involved Douglas McCarron including ULLICO, Zenith Administrators, PB Capital or being on the Board of Tutor Perrini has the name of Mike Mccarron attached to them.

      No. My assertions rest in the fact that Mike McCarron was all to alright with the evisceration of locals and their funds.

      No. My assertions lie in the blatant factual statement that Mike McCarron did or said nothing while this was going on.

      No. I rest my assertion on the fact that while Doug McCarron was paying off union officials at all these councils with salaries which are not warranted in this chosen field.

      In guess the trial system was working beforer Mike spoke up, - REALLY NOW.
      HOW MANY WERE PERSECUTED PPRIOR NTON THAT? WHERE WAS MIKE THEN???????????????????????????????????????????????

    4. Mike McCarron was given his job by Doug and never did anything until Doug did to Mike what Doug had been doing to everyone else for years. I am sorry you lost your free ride Mike, but I will only do for you what you would have done for anyone else before Doug kicked you out, nothing.

    5. Ruh-Roh; Can you say time for Production of Documents, Records, Books, Papers, Electronic Files, CCTV files for both the UBCJA International in Washington, D.C. and for the SWRCC and for each officer of the UBCJA Internationals first home, second home and/or storage facility including each and every facility (bonded, sprinklered warehouse) wherein any & all Archival Records required by both state & federal law mandate same shall be stored for compliance to said state or federal law (typically 6-years min.)?

      Huh, huh, can you Doug?

      Said discovery request should also include any & all facilities wherein UBCJA International and/or SWRCC Pension, Annuity & Health and Welfare records for said Officers and/or financial investment records and/or bank records are stored.

      Hey Doug - they now make Depends for Men, however, given the sticky situation you now face, we suggest for your dignity sake that you pay cash from your own wallet and not submit it as an expense to the brotherhood.


      The 500k+ men & woman in the UBC which whom careers were ended by your corrupt practices spanning the past 19+ years.

  3. [So much for plausible deniability Mr. DCeCarlo & Mr. Shanley. You two boobs amply demonstrate here Doug McCarron's forum shopping modus-operandi wherein you present & submit evidence in one case and forum and then routinely deny that very same factual evidence in another forum (in this case, the NLRB case via the NLRB and then a State Court in a Civil proeceeding against your brother); thus perjuring yourselves in the CA State Court. Both of you should be disbarred from the practice of law, fined and and receive some time in the state pen]

  4. Funny how ole sly Douglas J. McCarron and his crack band of thieves in Washington D.C. create policies for their subordinate EST's to follow regarding Trade Raiding, Captive Audience techniques and illegal attempts to convert NLRA Sec. 8(f) contracts to NLRA Sec. 9(a) contracts without proving Majority Status by the submission of 'legitimately signed (vs. forged) Authorization Cards' and/or without holding the NLRA mandated 9(a) Election as required by Federal law.

    Not only did Douglas J. McCarron concoct the original trade raiding scheme, replete with the captive audience meeting wherein Garner-Morrisons employees were forced to attend under the directed threat that if they failed to show they would be terminated; ole sly Doug threw them the $400k bone to shore up their failing operations.

    As is typical with Doug, when the Fed's inch closer to him for his many years of violating every Federal Labor law on the book - someone's getting thrown under the Bus.

  5. (Hey Mike, your it! Big brothers got to keep his ass out of the slammer - if you can call Club Fed the slammer given the one in L.A. has mahogany stained doors, porcelain toilets, carpeted cells, a great workout facility and one helluva good library to pass all that hard time in. You got a pretty good view of the snow-capped mountains in the background, but you'll only see them during the rainy season, El-Nino or La-Nina)

  6. On or about March 7, 2012 McCarron created a $400,000 dollar CD with Pacific Western Bank. This was not an arms length transaction. McCarron pledged the CD as security for a risky line of credit in exces of $400,000 to Garner-Morrison...

    pg. 9, line 38-39

    38 McCarron knew that such an arrangement was not arm’s-length and was imprudent, improper, and against the SWRCC’s best interests. McCarron had worked on other collateral/loan transactions and knew how to properly document such transactions and obtain collateral protection in favor of the SWRCC. But McCarron chose not to do so with respect to Garner Morrison. McCarron hid the relationship and arrangement with Garner Morrison from the SWRCC’s Trustees and Executive Board. McCarron did not have authority or proper authorization to give away the SWRCC’s assets.

  7. JD(SF)38–079The meeting was conducted in one of the Marriott’s meeting rooms, paid for by the Carpenters. It was arranged with several head tables, an audience section and two tables in the rear of the room, about 65 feet from the front. The two tables in the back were manned by Cigna health insurance representatives and the Carpenters Pension trust, respectively.

  8. re: excerpt from December 21, 2007 ALJ D & O

    McCarron’s presentation included a comparison of the Carpenters’ negotiated wage and
    benefits plan. While much of what he said, according to the PowerPoint presentation, 9 was to extol the virtues of becoming a Carpenter, he never actually demanded that anyone join. He did say that the monthly dues were $20 payable on the first ofevery month. He provided a list of trades which the Carpenters represents, applicable to the Garner audience, including “drywall framers, hangers, tapers, plasterers, finishers,stockers and scrappers.” He also showed a slide listing all of the Carpenters trades, including drywall, taping/painting and plastering.

    From there, the Carpenters health plan administrator, Ron Schoen, gave a fairly lengthy Power Point presentation covering both the Carpenters pension and health plans,explaining that the health plan had arranged for ‘instant eligibility’ since all of the employees had been with the Company long enough to qualify for grandfathering into the program.

  9. No shit; ya don' say? You gotta love it, you can't make up this kind of stupidity can you Doug? Your not ready for prime time players, here - DeCarlo & Shanley screwed up again. So Mike's chief of staff was there as was Ron Schoen giving a fairly lengthy Power Point presentation, yet you have the audacity to file a suit claiming that given the lengthy history, facts & evidence submitted and presented in the Garner-Morrison NLRB proceedings that the entire SWRCC Executive Board and its Trustees were clueless and in the dark as to the CD's offered as collateral against a loan. You expect a court of law to also believe that the SWRCC's Pension Trust Fund Trustees & E-Board were also not similarly apprised and aware of the $400k dollar CD tender as collateral on a loan. What the hell are you guys smoking out there in CA.?

  10. Do you assholes know what perjury is? Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth, so help you God? Uhh, errhh, duh - can I consult with my legal counsel before I answer that one....ok, I do!

    Nothing but a bunch of consumate liars, thieves and crooked bastards out there on the left coast. Are you guys importing weed from Colorado? Are you hiding it in drywall trucks? Are you all burying it in the walls at the International in Vegas ala Mikey Forde?

    You gotta be smoking some real good shit to come up with this kind of bullshit & have the balls to submit it in a legal brief & think the rest of the world is too damn stupid to point out huge discrepancies in the testimony profferred in NLRB ALJ & Board proceedings for Garner-Morrison and think that the dots cannot be connected form sworn affidavits, depositions & transcribed proceedings there & used in the instant matter?

    Did you really believe the FOIA crap would be enough to squash it?

  11. 10-1 Odd's that before Records requests, discovery and depositions are complete that Douglas J. McCarron shall resign.

    Prior to said resignation he shall of course line up a successor thief to keep the chain of dough flowing to him and his corrupt cronies in the private sector including many politicians; and he shall continue raping varying D.C. & Local Unions Pension, Annuity & Health and Welfare Funds and stuffing the consolidation remains into the UBCJA International coffers and that he shall continue siphoning off 98% of those ill gotten gains and steer them to his investment firms and continue purchasing stock in firms whose interest are adverse to the working rank & file Carpenter he stole from but highly profitable for him and his Hobbs Act Racketeering partners in crime.

    Yeah, Yeah Doug we know- Conboy, Conboy get your a-ss in here fast and bring Walsh with you. Get on the horn and get a mobile shredder going 24/7 stat; one each for Vegas & D.C.

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