Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vote Memebers Voice 157—Local 157 Delegate Election

When: Wednesday February 5; 6am to 6pm. Electronic voting machines will be set up at the Labor Technical College to cast your vote.

Where: 395 Hudson St. New York, NY 10014 (Labor Technical College – Clarkson St. entrance)

Votes will be counted upon the closing of the polls at 6pm. The hall will also be open from 6am - 6pm for members who wish to pay union dues.


  1. If I Remember Correctly....Under The Corrupt EST Michael Forde Administration...They Gave Themselves Raises....Including a $225,000 Per Year Salary For The Job Of EST.....There Is No Way That The EST Of The NYC Carpenters Union Should Be Getting Close To a 1/4 Million Dollar Paycheck Each Year and Benefits....Our Delegates Need To Change This......The EST Should Be Payed No More Than $125,000 Per Year!!.....The FRAUD That Took Place Regarding EST Wages....Needs To Be Fixed!!!

  2. But everyone seeking that office, including lets say for arguments sake, a members voice delegate, wants it, desires it & will surrender their principals to get it.

    Although on the other hand any candidate considering a run for that future office that makes such an announcement will get my vote.


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