Sunday, May 13, 2012

Page Six

We hear...THAT on Friday May 4th, the Manufacturing Woodworking Association (MWA) won in arbitration a lawsuit it brought against the District Council, having to do with a sweetheart deal made in 2007 by Dennis Sheils, (former disgraced Vice President of the corrupt Forde administration) with Gilbert Displays, an out-of-Association contractor.

According to the Most Favored Nations clause of the MWA Agreement, the arbitrator found that the District Council is liable for the difference MWA shops paid to their employees going back to 2007, and now all MWA members will be given the same deal, which amounts to a $10 pay cut, and diminished benefit package.

Executive Secretary-Treasurer Mike Bilello did not report on the loss at Wednesday's Delegate meeting until a Local 2790 delegate brought the subject up towards the end of the meeting. When questioned Bilello estimated the liability to be at $10 million dollars. When asked if the rank and file will be informed about the loss on the District Councils website, Bilello replied "No, there's nothing to report."



  2. Local 2790 put the story on the front page of it's website:


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