Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Contract Update: Should I Sign Council Authorization Cards?

In a letter (below) to the membership dated April 19, EST Bilello would like members to sign an authorization card that will authorize the District Council to represent members, for the purpose to "strengthen the negotiating position of the officers and Executive Committee that are currently engaged in negotiations with contractors associations" for wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Since I have received numerous questions from the membership about signing these cards, I sent the following questions to the District Council for an answer.

1. The contract that was voted on by the membership was it an 8(f) or a 9(a) contract?

2. If 9(a), why was the contract presented to the membership without the membership signing authorization cards?

3. A 9(a) contract appears to be more restrictive on the contractor, was full mobility negotiated in exchange to sign a 9(a) contract?

4. The UBC has negotiated a 90-day wage freeze, a $2.13 wage give back and full mobility, all in opposition of the will of the membership. Given this track record members may be reluctant to sign an authorization cards. What assurances can you give the membership that the Council will bargain in good faith, in the best interest of the membership?
Authorization Card



  2. The UBC International and NYC District Council of Carpenters continued failure to protect its members warrants the membership to not sign the card. We members should first list our demands Class Action Lawsuit for Trustees on both sides (Collusion Concert) Rescind assesments from previous blue card signing (Extortion)Fire ALL UBC Apointees and rid all Local EBoards of International apointees immediatley. This could be the cornerstone for the DC to mend there dysfunctional relationship they have thrust upon the rank and file who pay their salarys. Thank you all members who care. Sincerely Spill Stain

  3. Do not sign anything brothers and sisters this is where you can Kerry mccarron on the run this man does not ASK FOR ANYTHING HE USUALLY JUST TAKES so when he asks you to sign cards DO NOT DO IT! This is his only way to RULE you and that means you are giving up you rights by signing this card. DO NOT HEP MCCARRON TO REDUCE YOUR RIGHTS FURTHER BY SIGNING THESE CARDS BROTHERS AND SISTERS REMEMBER THE BLUE CATD HE SCREWED US ON THAT. WE THE MEMBERS WANT TO VOTE ON OUR CONTRACT DO NOT SIGN THIS CARD OR YOU WILL BE GIVING THE SELLOUT DELEGATES THE RIGHT TO RATIFY A NEW CONTRACT WITHOUT YOUR INPUT

  4. This Card is just a re-affirmation of what you already are a UNION CARPENTER. After the Scamalgamated Car-Painters Union fiasco the Contractors need to be shown we are ALL on the same page. It is an Authorization Card and nothing more. If you are a union carpenter and do not know what an authorization card is then WE ARE in trouble.

  5. I will sign the white card. All this does is crush the traitors from amalgamated crooks and scammers and make us a stronger union. Dont let all the anonomous posters that are really with the amalgamated traitors put their spin on it. Amalgamated are the carpenters that no longer have a strangle hold on our union that want to start a new union in the name of democracy- what a line of bullshit. The only reason they are trying to start amalgamated is so they can have control and benifit personaly. The members finally have a say in this union (ratification of contracts)and the right for all members to attend delegate meetings. This has never happened in the past because the "good ol boyz" had everything for themselves , every thing was done behind closed doors. The good ol boyz have been kicked to the curb and the doors are wide open for all to see. Our newly elected leaders have ripped up the old list of "three a day elegible people" because the hiring process was a sham. I was eligable and was on the list and still believe it is right to rip up the list and start all over. I will sign the white card because it will crush the amalgamated scammers. The is the only purpose for the white card -dont let the spin doctors tell you it is Mc Carrons way of taking control of us, that is pure bullshit. If you want to crush amalgamated and all the cons behind it -SIGN THE CARD. Respectfully yours, Donny Arana.


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