Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carpenters Sue Building Trades

On February 21, 2012 The Carpenters filed a complaint in federal court seeking damages and equitable relief against the Building and Construction Trades Department.

The “Carpenters” (as specified below) are suing the Building and Construction Trades Department (“BCTD”) and individual Defendants for resulting violent threats and devastating unlawful attacks have directly and proximately caused concrete financial injuries in violation of Pub.L.No. 91-452, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 1961, et seq., and Rev. Code Wash. § 9A.82.080, et seq.

UBC vs. Building Trades



  2. Is this the pot calling the kettle black? Classic Move - "Let's do it to them, before they do it to us" ala Hill Street Blues. WORD - Better find, target & select the right Judge, of course, you already did that now - right? Also - use throwaway cell phones, shred everything you can.

    Doug - you are in Court so much (it's about all you do) - when can we expect to see a full blown mock-up of a Courtroom at the International Training Center? We need it bad. You can add a Law Library with all of the cases you have filed to rape the members for your own benefit.

    Since you used to be a "sheet counter", how many sheets of Drywall are in this facility? Just curious, as old habits die hard. Hope ya get a common sense, salt of the earth Judge, like say Judge Judy. She'd cut through all your b.s. in short order.

  3. Drop Dead Unity Team! Really? GET OVER IT and look at the big picture. This could be a big problem and alot of wasted money.

  4. I agree this could be a major problem especially for all trades! I just finished my Electrician courses and I have to say I am slightly worried about what may happen with the outcome from the judge.

  5. New England Regional is already being sued by the BTC. The suit is regarding contract requirements on subcontracting. Of course NERCC is also the trade unionists that are currently interviewing non members for hiring in an unannounced function. I heard they asked/told organizers these will be their ridealongs. Don't think that will end well.


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