Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carpenters Union Big Brian Hayes Named In Bar Scam

BY Kerry Burke and Alison Gendar

A union official is accused of selling out his own members - getting a corrupt contractor to build his Manhattan bar by letting him hire nonunion workers on other jobs.

Brian Hayes, a business agent for Local 608 of the carpenters union, allegedly took thousands in cash, free labor and materials to build McGarry's on Ninth Ave. in Manhattan, prosecutors and union sources said.

In exchange, Hayes let the contractor pay employees at his work sites below minimum wage and off the books, and run a Bronx job without a union shop steward, officials charged.

"He's a hardworking guy who's been unjustly accused," said Hayes' lawyer James Froccaro, who declined to elaborate.

A state liquor license lists Hayes as the vice president of a bar at the address of McGarry's. Workers at the popular Irish pub declined to comment.

Hayes is one of nine union big shots, including carpenters union boss Michael Forde, indicted last summer on bribery and racketeering charges.

Forde was convicted in 2004 of taking bribes from a man linked to the DeCavalcante crime family, the mobsters that inspired "The Sopranos."

The verdict was tossed when a judge discovered that some jurors had read news accounts of the case, and Forde was acquitted on retrial.


  1. Fan of Labor unionsApril 1, 2010 at 11:29 PM

    When will this end ??  Support the honest labor leaders and get rid of the bad ones.

  2. Who is the contractor??  That is the question - and what else did he get away with?  And who also knew?

  3. how the hell did he get his position anyway?

    can someone please explain,we're did he come from,how long has he been in the union...

    did greaney get him appointed?

  4. you ever been in that bar no question he got dirty hands in it   our union meetings were moved down the block from the bar the first week it opened   what a crock   trippin over the dollars to get at a couple of pennys


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