Thursday, February 4, 2010

Haight Orders Hearing, Possible Termination Of Callahan

Breaking News... Judge Haight has ordered representatives from the district council and federal goverment to attend a hearing on Wednesday, February 10, at 1:00pm, to discuss rumors of the possible termination of Independent Investigator Bill Callhan.

Union members are encouraged to attend this hearing at 500 Pearl Street, room 6a.
2010-02-01 -- Memo & Order Re District Council, 90-Cv-5722[1]


  1. Nows the time to watch Haight. Will he take steps to see his obvious pal Callahan keeps his job as the court ordered. Haight has gone out of his way in previous court actions to keep Callahan despite the disasters that have happened under his watch. Much like McCarron has gone out of his way to keep Spencer who should be fired for the disasters that have happened in the NYCDCC and the Empire Council under his watch. Will Haight refuse any attempts by McCarron and Spencer to remove Callahan out of spite because Holt oppened his mouth. Judging by the wording Haight is obviously pissed and is taking a how dare they undermine me attitude.Again Haight protects Calahan by "refusing to entertain any stipulation removing Callahan"
        A few points.Did you notice the brief said ODwyer and Bernstien "At Least Was" the Councils Lawyer. Are they fired??Why did Torrance at the US Attornys Office make the call to Haights clerk becuase Holt opened his mouth. Why was it not the UBC lawyer. Also the US Attorney made it clear that they are working with Spencer and the UBC to make changes to move forward.It seems to me the UBC ,McCarron and Spencer do not have any chopice but to take action this time. Iwonder how Haight will act now that the US Attorney is going over how all this corruption happened under Haights watchfull eye.

  2. I contacted Judge Haight's Assistant in CT at about 2:30 PM yesterday, January 5. She confirmed for me that the Hearing next Wednesday, February 10, 2010, at 1:00 PM at the 500 Pearl Street Courthouse is open to the public and will be in courtroom 6A.

  3. Hearing canceled. Hmm...


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