Sunday, December 13, 2009

Page Six

We hear... THAT Joe Firth is calling for early elections in Local 608. Seems he and his supporters are not happy that Firth was fired and made a scrapegoat for violations of the job referral rules.

Firth is rumored to mount a challenge newly installed Martin Devereaux for local 608 president.

The November and December local 608 meetings had to be shut down and police called in to avoid a riot. Spencer and Devereaux sent the below letters to 608 members, in an effort to calm things down.

Spencer Letter


  1. The whole thing is a BIG JOKE and continue embarrassment for Spencer.  When are the feds going after the 608 corrupt deadbeats?  What this is about is a bunch of spoiled 608 BAs who had it good under Forde for years and now are turning against each other.  Nothing noble about the situation.

    "<span style="">violations of the job referral rules"----???  </span>
    <span style="">In addition to wrecking union car, refusing breathalyzer, losing driving license, had Greaney cover-up crash from district council (supposedly), continue driving union cars w/out license, risked making district council liable until the Forde gig was up.  This man has some fucking balls.  You get caught & FIRED for fucking union members and he then gathers a bunch of THUGS and calls for elections!  Take a look at where your union  is.  </span>

    Obviously he is pissed, he used to fuck around for years, got all his friends and family jobs, did shit and got paid over 100K/year.  How do you think he feels having to go back on the tools.    The worst part is that no present 608 officer is WORTH a squirt of piss  to vote on.  I wish Billy Davenport or Gene Clarke <span style="font-weight: normal;"> would run <span style="font-weight: normal;">and take the rug under their feet.</span></span>

    OR , put this local under supervision and get rid of all of them!!!  LONG OVERDUE!

  2. screw him good riddance...the same should happen in all locals


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