Monday, August 10, 2009

District Council Of Carpenters Delegates To Meet

The agenda for the gathering has yet to be set, according to a union source, but it's safe to assume that Forde and his future with the embattled organization "will be a topic of discussion."

Forde remains on the job - "he's still here as of 10:30 this morning," the source said - but following the indictment, the question of whether he would keep his post was "under review," according to the union's attorney, Gary Rothman.

The politically powerful district council is made up of 11 constituent locals, each of whom is represented on the executive committee (Forde is also a member). The delegate body is made up of 88 members who are elected by the unions based a proportional system (similar to the House).

The head of the union isn't elected by the delegates, but through an election in which all the roughly 25,000 members are able to cast a vote. Forde was re-elected last year.

It's unclear (to me, anyway, and my source wasn't immediately certain) whether the delegates would be able to remove Forde, or even call for a vote of "no confidence."

"It's not something we have discussed internally," the source said. "The fact that there is any kind of vote I don't even know if it's possible. What anyone's intentions are, I also don't know. But if anyone is telling you anything is certain, they're either making it up or I’m out of the loop."

UPDATE: The source did some research and adds: "Contrary to what you may have heard, there is no bylaw provision for the removal of an officer by the delegate body."

"Bylaw provision" refers to the union's own internal rules, which govern the election of officers.

This isn't the first time Forde has faced bribery charges.

He was indicted on state charges in 2000 following an investigation by the Manhattan DA's office and tried twice. He never gave up his leadership post, even after he was convicted in the first trial - a decision that was later overturned - and acquitted in the second.


  1. My sources say the Delegates are going to vote to keep Forde and his team in office until the trial is over...its all being directed behind the scenes by District Council lawyer Gary Rothman.

  2. Early in 2007, while investigating another contractor for defrauding the members, the I.I. found telephone, timesheet, and other records showing that the Business Manager and two Representatives in Local 157 had not completed their activity sheets as required; had not conducted regular jobsite visits during that time; and were not even at work in their jurisdiction when they reported themselves as working a regular day (absences that far exceeded allowed leave). A fourth man had discrepancies, but not beyond his allotted leave.

    On November 13, 2007, the I.I. delivered a report to Council executives documenting Local 157 staff attendance from January 15 to October 15, 2007 (with vacation, sick, and other valid leave days removed). Testimony at the UBC supervision hearing indicated the following:

    * William Hanley, 153 work days: 52 unaccounted, 71 left early.
    * Fred Kennedy, 166 work days: 36 unaccounted, 109 left early.
    * George Dilacio, 162 work days: 29 unaccounted, 46 left early.

    [In other words, in these 9 months, the men—beyond all of their valid time off—were paid to work a combined 481 days, yet could not account for 117 full days (24%) plus 226 partial days (47%).


    The I.I.’s written evidence obligated Council leaders to respond. They met with each of the accused during the week of November 13, and offered each one a chance to challenge the facts; no decision or action occurred at that point. Officials convened on the 17th, and—given such long-running serious offenses—reached a strong consensus to end the men’s employment and have them leave office. On Monday the 19th, each man was given an option to resign within two days. On November 21, Business Manager/President Hanley and Representative/Financial Secretary Kennedy came in to Council offices and signed resignation papers. Representative/Vice President Dilacio did not appear and was dismissed.

  3. NYCDC By-Laws

    The Executive Committee shall review and make
    recommendations to the Delegates on all major purchases by the Council such as
    automobiles, computers and all personnel decisions, including salaries.

    The Executive Committee shall make
    recommendations to the Delegates on the appointment and removal of Trustees to the Trust

    All changes or proposed changes to
    the By-Laws or Trade Rules of this Council or any of the Local Unions affiliated therewith
    shall be first referred to the Executive Committee for consideration and recommendation
    pending final approval of the delegate body.

  4. Can you believe that Mike Fraud tested positive for Cocaine and Pot!!

    The shock, the horror - only thing is that this has been known for years, it is not news.

  5. Cash McCarron, the biggest sleaze bag in organized labor, and his trained chimp Frank Spencer removed officers from 157 for not filling out BA reports yet these assclowns leave an EST Indicted AGAIN and tested postive for Coke and Weed and he is still in Office!!
    Screw Rothman and the Delegates. Forde should be removed by the power of the UBC Constitution at the demand of the UBC International. McCarons refusal to do so proves that he and his cronies embrace,support and enable criminals within the UBC. "Culture of Corruption" has hit it right on the nail.It is symbolic of McCarrons new UBC Unionism. I asked our Local President and Empire Council Fund Trustee William Weir what steps were going to be taken to remove Joesph Oliveri as Chairman and Trustee of the Empire Council Funds.A few hums and haws but no definitive answer. He seems to ignore the ERISA Laws and Fund Trust documents in regards to criminals as Trustees and thinks it is up to the employer trustees to remove him. Sometimes I wonder how Mr.Weir breaths in and out without guidance

  6. All of them should resign...
    You dont get indicted by the feds unless they have a case!

  7. i whole entire school is corrupt.they make you go there ,pay dues and when your almost finisihed with program,there is no work i no why if your not a friend of the irish men you dont get work.they sit in the school like legal crooks all trying to look better then the other.the carpenters suck GO NON UNION ITS THE WAY


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