Monday, November 3, 2008

Musumeci Announces Candidacy for Vice President

My fellow Union Brothers and Sisters, over the past few months I have received many emails requesting that I run for office in the district council elections.

Tonight I want to officially announce that I am a candidate for Vice President of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

I am running for vice president because I believe our district council needs reform, and I'm ready to lead that effort.

I'm going to give this campaign all that I have to give, and I hope that you will join me as we take on the Unity Team.

If you have never participated in a union election before and are fed up with business as usual and tired of the good ol’ boy network, I urge you to join me and elect a Independent Candidate with real rank-and-file values who understands your issues, will fight for your rights, be held accountable and WORK FOR YOU!

I will be suspending all activities on the local157 blog and will focus my energies on my official campaign blog at

Please visit my official blog to learn more about my campaign to take back this union from leaders who betrayed our trust.

Thank You


  1. John, Keep up the momentum... Win Lose or Draw... Members like you will sooner, or if not later give Democracy a fighting chance. You may give others the inspiration to do great things. The ballot box is the one and only thing that is going to get us out of the mess we put ourselves in. The lack of participation shows it through and through, Keep up the great work, Things will soon get better !

    As Always,
    In Brotherhood and In Solidarity.

    Charles Lezette
    Carpenters Local 370
    Albany, NY

  2. Run Baby run. Sometimes it takes many many runs.

    Do don't give him if you don't win the first time out of the box.

    Try to get a few other Brothers or sisters.

    You don't want to be on the board alone, or worst in a civil war board room.

    Good Luck and thanks for putting it on the line by running for office.

  3. Great blog I just subscribed! BTW did you know you can add any song you want to you blogspot? I'm totally addicted to it. Go to There's a blogspot button next to each song.

  4. Great - but as VP, two slots down from EST, you will not be able to do much change, you will be (are) part of the program.

  5. Their is into nothing written in the bylaws that says the vice president has to be a "part of the program." The president and the vice president are both salaried jobs and independently elected. They are not appointed by the EST.

  6. They are not appointed by the EST

    Which means a slight part of DEMOCRACY is still intact...

    Like Anonymous said...

    Like John Says..
    It's the ONLY Way !

  7. the point is, in the vp slot, he does not make change, he implements the programs dictated by the pres and est.

    Run for EST, and try to make real change.

  8. When you say dictated, What do you mean. A dictatorship has no choice at all, that is not the case here. In this situation we still have the delegate process which somewhat I am still in favor of. I proves we still have a voice, whether it is at the local level or not, we still have a voice. We just need to work harder to get to that point. As you can see in the Presidential election, NOTHING is Impossible. I truly beleive that. Another reason we are losing this fight, definetly Lack of participation. Everything put in place within this Brotherhood was stepped up just one notch, Meaning... taken from us, I would have to disagree. Just a well thought change, And a FAST ONE at that !

  9. JOHN:

    It's beem a month now, lets keep the word movement in the labor movement.
    It is a WE program not a Me Program.

    So lets update this blog Brother.

  10. He is not interested in updating the blog - he is too busy trying to get in with Fraud.

  11. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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