Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tell Me Lies

On the Local 157 Supervision:

As suspected by many rank and file members union politics played a role in the November 26, 2007 International Union Trusteeship of Local 157.

In a Press release on November 30, 2007 the District Council said "To stabilize the governance of the Local and restore the service the Local 157 membership and all District Council carpenters working in that Local’s jurisdiction deserve, the District Council invoked the procedures of the UBC Constitution and asked General President Douglas McCarron to order an emergency, temporary supervision over the Local.

We now have obtained audio proof that the supervision of local 157 was politically motivated in order to stop former Local 157 Vice President George Dilacio from becoming president.

Excerpts of what President Thomassen said regarding the supervision of Local 157:

“I was in the office with Mike when McCarron called, He Asked, what is going on with the local?

We said George was fired as a business agent but he is staying as a vice president, He is elected and we can’t take him out of that position and he is going to become the president.


What President Thomassen just described and admitted is an unlawful trusteeship established in bad faith in order to stop George Dilacio from becoming president.

The fact is the trusteeship of local 157 was unlawful and the constitution was not followed.

The Unity Team unrestrained and armed with all the Internationals levers of money and power, employ fear, propaganda and fraud by requesting a trusteeship be place on local 157.

They abused their power, and used the weapon of trusteeship to stifle democracy and deny members their legally protected rights.

The trusteeship left 4500 members and their families in the dark, without a voice in union affairs for almost a year.

On Fighting Corruption:

On Carpenters taking "cash."

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