Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Carpenters Hire New Independent Investigator

September 13, 2005 Delegate Body Meeting—President Peter Thomassen informed the delegate body Judge Charles Haight of Federal Court for the Southern District of New York has appointed Unitel Intelligence Groups Inc. as Successor Independent Investigator for the NYC District Council of Carpenters.

As of August 22, The Independent Investigator (Unitel Intelligence Groups Inc.) shall have the authority to investigate allegations of wrongdoing concerning the operation of the job referral system, and/or corruption or violations of federal, state, or local law by District Council representatives, including without limitation officers, employees, delegates, business managers, business representatives and shop stewards, or District Council signatory contractors; to recommend disciplinary charges against District Council Representatives as well as against officers, employees and members of the constituent local unions for such wrongdoing or for the failure of any officer or member to cooperate with the Independent Investigator; to make referrals to the District Council and/or law enforcement agencies for further investigation when appropriate; and to report to the Court and/or the Government as appropriate. "Wrongdoing" as used in the foregoing sentence shall include, without limitation, 

(i) manipulation of the job referral rules for political or personal gain;
(ii) falsified reports, including without limitation shop steward reports;
(iii) kickbacks and bribes; and
(iv) permitting contractors to pay workers in cash or violate the "50/50 rule. 

The Independent Investigator shall operate the toll-free "Anti-Corruption Hotline," 1-800-279-4707, telephone service in order to solicit and receive allegations of wrongdoing or corruption by any person in connection with the operations of the District Council, whether or not such allegations relate to the job referral system. 

The Independent Investigator shall also conduct an assessment of the District Council's anti-corruption efforts. 

Click here for the full text of the court order.

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