Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Connecticut Laborers’ Plan Protests At New England Carpenters’ Offices In Hartford, CT & AGC Offices In Wethersfield, CT

Connecticut Laborers’ District Council To Protest This Monday Morning Against New England Carpenters’ Agreement With Associated General Contractors That Splits Union Harmony & Loss Of Jobs

(live-PR.com) - (Hartford, CT) – Over 100 members of the Connecticut Laborers’ District Council (CLDC) are planning an organized protest this Monday morning, May 5, 2008 from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in front of the New England Carpenters Local #43 offices, 885 Wethersfield, CT and the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Connecticut, 912 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield, CT in reaction to an agreement that was recently reached between the Carpenters and AGC that conflicts with a longstanding agreement already operating with the CLDC.

“Instead of promoting union harmony and encouraging job growth here in Connecticut, the New England Carpenters in the Hartford region have decided to create an agreement with the AGC that conflicts with the duties of the Laborers’ on the average jobsite. This is part of the Carpenters’ never-ending attempt to fragment the construction building and trades. They are targeting us because we recently joined the AFL-CIO’s Building and Trades last month,” explained Charles LeConche, business manager, Connecticut Laborers’ District Council. “This is a truly a fight for jobs and our families here in Connecticut. If this agreement is followed, over 40 jobs will be lost at the Hartford Insurance project in Windsor, CT and probably more at the UBS construction project in Stamford, CT. By rejecting our compromises, the New England Carpenters are only promoting union discord and higher building and construction costs in the long run”.

The New England Carpenters are headed by George Meadows, business manager, Local #43, 885 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, phone (860) 296-8564 and Glenn Marshall, regional manager, 427 Stillson Road, Fairfield, Connecticut, phone (203) 846-2003. More information about the New England Carpenters can be viewed at www.necarpenters.org.

“After several meetings which the Laborers’ initiated to keep union harmony and peace, all of our offers were rejected specifically by George Meadows, head of the Carpenters in the Hartford area. Rather than demonstrating at an area job site and disrupting an ongoing construction project, I thought we would go right to the source of the problem and protest this Monday morning in front of the Carpenters’ headquarters,” said LeConche.

A division of the Connecticut Construction Industries Association, the Associated General Contractors of Connecticut is the state chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America. Headed in Connecticut by John Farnham, the Associated General Contractors of Connecticut represents commercial, industrial, and institutional construction contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and professionals serving the construction industry. The offices are located at 912 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield, CT, phone (860) 529-6855, www.ctconstruction.org.

The Connecticut Laborers’ District Council represents approximately 7,000 members employed in the construction industry and other building and trade fields throughout the state. The Laborers’ International Union, founded in 1903 largely by immigrant workers, includes more than 800,000 members who work in construction and hazardous materials remediation, as well as in healthcare, the U.S. Postal Service and other public service sectors of the economy. For more information, call 860.296.8697.


  1. Richard Dorrough Local 370 Albany NYMay 6, 2008 at 10:48 AM

    So my questions to my fellow Carpenters is who do we stand with at the Protest. The Carpenters or Laborers. My answer is the laborers. The UBC pulled out the AFL-CIO so that McCaron could escape the restrictions of Article 19 which is meant to stop RAIDING. This stood in the way of McCarrons dream to become King of all labor.Since the pull out McCarron has ordered the RAIDING of our fellow tradesmens work and have demanded we Carpenters steal the food from their table. McCarron formed a tapers Local to steal work from the Tapers and Painters Union .He forced representation votes in the NLRB and luckily for Labor he got it stuck in his...Carpenters are stealing Electricians work in Maryland where the carpenters are pulling wires and doing much of the Electricians Unions work. We could go on and on.That is what Dougy envisions as the future of Labor. Well Mr. McCarron here is one Carpenter that stands with the rights of his fellow tradesman in refusing to steal the work of those who have spent their life training for. If this was attempted against the Carpenters you would cry like a girl.

    We as UBC Carpenters have a duty to support our Union but when that support involves destroying organized labor for the sake of some power hungry twit we must say no. Our first loyalty must be to our fellow workers and Democratic Unionism as a whole. We must work as hard in preventing the theft of our fellow tradesman livelihood as we would against any transgression on our work.
    We are watching others such as the another scourge of Labor Andy Stern instituting the same McCarronism policy's on Labor and at at the same time working to destroy locals and members who do not play ball. Sound familiar.Sterns actions have been decried by Labor experts as a Blow to Labor and they have asked him not to take these actions which would adversely affect labor.Power hungry ego maniacs such as McCarron and Stern who led the exodus out of the AFL-CIO on lies are now showing their true intentions. Is it to late to reverse the damage McCarron has done to Labor and the UBC?.I hope not.Look around you as members of the UBC .Is this what you envisioned Unionism should look like. A small group of greedy bastards fleecing our locals and filling their pockets while we struggle.
    Here is one Carpenter who stands with the laborers in telling McCarron to piss of. Are some of you as Carpenters willing to do battle with your fellow tradesmen to satisfy the desires of an ego maniac such as McCarron. Should we not stand for Democratic Unionism above all.

  2. I stand with MAC! The damn laborers talk out both sides of their mouth around the Northwest. We think we are in agreement on issues while they are behind other doors making deals to the contrary. It's too bad that the house is divided, no one will really "win" except the rats. Sure we've done wrong and yet tried to make amends only to be bent over again. I still stand behind MY UNION and with the leadership.

  3. "We think we are in agreement on issues while they are behind other doors making deals to the contrary."
    You are talking about the Carpenters here right. Your right the rats are winning. The Rat McCarron. The Rat Forde. The Rat Morin.. Nobody has tried to make amends. Show me an example. The truth is the rat you stand with continues to try to be the king of labor. Maybe you need a better model because the one you have is a scum bag

  4. The truth is the rat you stand with continues to try to be the king of labor.Aluminium Scaffolding


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