Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Peter Thomassen - direct

It is clear from the Unity Team's actions over the past nine years that they have not told the truth about the 2001 contract negotiations and have not represented the best interest of the hard working carpenters who make up the majority of this union.

The Unity Team sold-out the carpenters in the 2001 contract negotiations when they "bargained away" the job referral rules (50/50) and gave the contractor what they wanted—The unfettered right to "request" anyone they want from the out-of-work list! The Unity Team negotiated this shocking contract change without notifying or seeking the approval of the 15-member negotiating team, the 88-member elected delegate body, the rank-and-file who were expressly opposed to the "contractor request" and the federal government who has oversight supervision.

The Unity Team clearly violated their oath of office and more importantly the trust of the membership they claim to represent. The NYCDC Bylaws plainly state, the "delegate body" has final approval on all contracts. Yet The Unity Team failed to seek consent and failed to disclose this disastrous contract change, to the elected delegates.

The theft of decision-making power from the elected delegate body that is charged with approving all contracts is unconscionable!

This contract change has rendered the 50/50 rule meaningless and has turned the out-of-work list into an absurd paperwork dance, where "non requested" carpenters languish on a phony out-of-work-list!

On April 12, 2005, we learn for the VERY FIRST TIME, the disastrous 2001 contract change made by The Unity Team. Unity Team President Peter Thomassen, testifying before judge Haight (read testimony below) about the 2001 contract negotiations said "we enhanced the request system for the contractors of the association". We gave them what they wanted—the unfettered "right to request" anyone they want from the out-of-work list.

Thomassen Direct

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